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4 reasons to choose a Virtual Office on Regent Street

  1. Prestigious Central London Presence

Regent Street is one of the busiest and well-known streets in the United Kingdom, possibly even the World.  It provides a variety of services, from gyms, galleries, clothes and toy shops to restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as office and business spaces.

Major worldwide known brands such as Apple, Hamleys, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Burberry  reside on Regent Street. These can be your neighbours if you use the services of

Their names and reputation speak volumes and will bring yours up too! To be portrayed as a business on that level of standing is an extreme positive. It shows that not only are you a high standing business but you are able to afford an office space on the most exclusive street in London.

Not only does Hold Everything provide mail forwarding and a telephone service it also has a meeting room which can be used at your disposal. The fact that this meeting room is on Regent Street means you can meet with your clients in a well-known and easily accessible place. Regent Street is within a few minutes walk to: Oxford Circus with Bond Street,  Green Park and Piccadilly Circus, all within a five minute walk. Mainline stations such as  Victoria, Charing Cross, Euston plus Kings Cross and St Pancras are all easily accessed from these stations.  Meaning you can meet up with your clients who are not based in London easily too.

  1. Stability

Using a virtual office in London provides stability for your company that you may not get with a physical office space. Start-up companies who are likely to be smaller and move around more, due to their financial instability and the fact they may not have two feet fully on the business ground yet, will not want to waste their valuable profit margin on renting the office space in Central London.

Renting in Central London and getting onto the property ladder costs a fortune, it is worth the while to let someone else worry about those overheads and not you!  This saves you; business rates, rent, insurances and commuting costs.

By doing this you will have more faith in your company that it will survive and can invest time and money into various other aspects of the business. Utilising a virtual office means that moving home or even city or even so far as the country doesn’t impact your business: you do not have to let your employees and clientele know that the registered business address is changing as by using the Regent Street office that we provide your business address is fixed to one central location.

  1. Credibility & professionalism

A virtual office in Regent Street provides your business with credibility. It does this by giving a great first impression. Your business is tied to London: one of the major business hubs in Europe and therefore portrays a professional, prestigious and honourable business.

Thus, giving potential clients confidence in your firm. Additionally, it allows you to operate like a big corporation even if you are not. Through telephone answering by a live real human and not a robotic answering machine it shows your clients you are committed to them, willing to listen, and give them contentment that their voices are being heard and issues are being dealt with.

Another way in which using a Regent Street office boosts your professionalism is through your website. Your new address and phone number can be put on your ‘contact us’ page and this is necessary to look like a legitimate business.


  1. Search engine rankings

Google is a vital tool and important source of enquires and clients for micro businesses. Prospective clients may search ‘law firm Regent Street’ or even ‘law firm London’ into google and your business stands a better chance of appearing.

It is this way that you are much more likely to gain new clientele because people will not search ‘law firm (and your home address)’ unless you are neighbours or they know of you personally. And if they do they can go to google street view and see your residential area. Which not only downgrades your corporate business appearance but invades your privacy.

Google ranks its results according to relevance and popularity. So, searching for example ‘Virtual Office Regent Street’ Hold Everything is the second link (excluding the advertised ones and based on the day I wrote this, the first is one of our resellers of our address) and the first one on the google maps. This is because we are highly relevant to what you are searching, and popularity is based on how successful the business is.

Blog written by Mollie Churney, Virtual Office Assistant