A day in a life of your Virtual office

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  • Post published:March 9, 2015
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What happens when your not there?

Your real office is at home, your virtual office is where customers and suppliers think you are – so what happens when your not really in your office.

The day starts early, normally the office is staffed from 7.30am the morning rush is a constant coming & goings of couriers with packages and documents, phone calls come and go, messages taken, emailed and calls patches through then the post is delivered to our door.

The special delivery letters arrive first, then anytime upto midday the normal mail arrives, all bagged up ready for the staff to sort. Daily we at Hold Everything your central London virtual office address supplier will receive approx. 3000 letters. The operation to sort is done by hand by the dedicated staff, mail is sorted into three piles.

Mailhold – for clients who visit the office to collect their mail

Mail forwarding – for those who we send the mail onwards and this can be anywhere in the world

Return to Sender – we still receive letters for past clients

After a few hours of sorting, the collection client mail is placed in their trays awaiting the arrival of clients to our Regent Street office and the task of forwarding the letters begins. As we provide a bespoke service as every client’s needs are totally different we have to ensure we get this area correct, some clients have daily forwarding, some have weekly forwarding.

Post is sent in different size envelopes and charged depending on size of envelope and weight in line with royal mail charges. Once re-enveloped and weighed the charges (where appropriate as we now offer all inclusive packages) are recorded and the letters ready for collection to be re-mailed to you.
Throughout this process the clients collecting come and go and the phone calls and couriers haven’t let up, they are still arriving as we are ready to finish for the day.

Royal Mail collect the mail and that’s another day done with.

Oh I forgot, the endless emails are answered.

Another day ends and the process will be duplicated tomorrow