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How can a virtual office improve your business?

With the need to save on expenditure and with opportunities of growth now difficult to come by in the business world, many businesses are starting to consider the use of a virtual office instead of renting an expensive office space. However the shift away from a traditional office is not only being taken by businesses wanting to save money. A virtual office, in particular one with a prestigious address can really add value to your business and dramatically change the perception that customers, clients and shareholders have of your company. Here are some of the main ways a virtual office can help your business:

  • With a prestigious UK address in central London or the surrounding areas, your business will appear more credible to clients and potential customers which will help you gain a competitive advantage in your market place.
  • Mail forwarding which is included in a complete virtual office service means mail can be forwarded to anywhere in the world and is hassle free for the receiving business, ensuring they can concentrate on issues that matter.
  • Professional telephone answering services will ensure your business presents a respectable and professional contactable service to customers and clients while saving business employees time and hassle. A personalised central London telephone number can help enhance this credibility.

In you are interested in any of the virtual office services listed above for your business, or would like more information contact Hold Everything.

Look Professional With A Registered Address

A problem for many small businesses is that they operate from their own home and that alone can make the business look unprofessional and this may deter potential clients. Because of this, many people are looking at setting up virtual offices with a registered address. For many businesses a registered address plays an essential role in portraying a professional image. A central London address, for instance, will undoubtedly look better and more professional than a suburban residential address.

If you are interested in changing  your registered address, contact Hold Everything, they can provide you with a simple form that enables you to change the registered address of your company.

Benefits of Telephone Answering Services

Telephone answering services are growing increasingly popular, but how can your business benefit efficiently and effectively from this type of service?

-Your calls will be answered and professionally handled when you are busy in a meeting or travelling. This means that you can you can dedicate more time to your business. With a telephone answering service you will never miss an important call again.

– A phone answering service can be tailored to your business needs, which means that you are free to choose when you would like to answer your calls.

-It is much better than an answering machine; potential customer will want to hear a human voice when they call up, not a machine. The caller is much less likely to leave a message with a machine, and this would mean that you could miss out on important business.

– You can avoid sales and marketing calls which can slow you down and distract you from more important work.

– Relevant information will be obtained and then forwarded to you by a method of your choice.

Contact Hold Everything to get more information on our Telephone Answering service, we provide a great service and you will recieve an impressive Central London telephone number.

Why Use a Courier Service?

As well as there being a real need to send things quickly and reliably, courier services have increased in popularity as more people look to set up their own businesses. A courier company will provide you with specialised delivery of documents, parcels, packages and other items. Here is a list of some of the reasons to choose a courier service:

-They are a reliable alternative to traditional postal services, offering door to door delivery.

-Courier services deliver your package safely and on time

-They offer a convenient method of delivering parcels and goods

-They are flexible and arrange their schedule around yours, working around the clock and not just during the typical working hours.

-If something is lost the courier service will be insured and your document or package will be covered.

If you are interested in a courier service, contact Hold Everything. Our national and international courier service is secure, reliable and efficient. We dispatch all packages and documents with a unique reference number that can be tracked en route to its destination.