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The cheapest way to get your business on the map

Choosing to run your own business can be a daunting prospect, with numerous new considerations, risks and uncertainties around every corner. Whether you are a start-up or you have an established business, running costs are still a key concern and a savvy business owner will always be on the lookout for the cheapest solution for your business essentials.

In recent years we’ve seen the cost of office space rising, especially in the most desirable areas of the UK such as London. This means choosing to rent or buy office space is a huge financial burden as well as a big risk for a business owner. However, Virtual Office provides an alternative solution to purchasing physical office space, providing a registered office address for your company without the requirements of being permanently based in the building. A Virtual Office alternative is not only the cheapest option, but has the lowest risk factor for your business.

To better understand the benefits of choosing to save with a Virtual Office solution, we have put together a summary of 3 key perks that Virtual Office can offer you and your business:

1. Establishing your company with Virtual Office

Gaining the trust of potential clients is a difficult task especially for a new business venture or for those who run a business from home. When looking for a business or service to use, clients want to feel reassured that the company is both professional and reliable. Choosing a Virtual Office package from Hold Everything allows you to benefit from a premium registered office address on Regent Street in London – the cheapest way to gain a W1 postcode. Something as simple as your company address can instil confidence in potential clients who may have had doubts if your business instead used an ambiguous or rural home address.

2. Contemporary, Flexible and Motivated

Virtual Office has become increasingly popular among businesses who are changing the way they work inline with the modern business world. As well as the expense associated with hiring an office space you also tie your staff in to travelling to a particular location everyday and working within the boundaries of the office hours. With digital messaging and remote conferences being a common and successful way of running meetings, businesses are open to hiring people from locations across the world allowing them to work flexible hours and from the comfort of their own homes. This leads to not only the ability to recruit the most highly skilled staff force, but also results in those staff members being highly motivated, hard-working and grateful for the flexible opportunity. Creating a stronger work-life balance can result in happier and therefore more productive employees for your business. Ensuring the cheapest business solution with Virtual Office allows you to spend money on staff training and incentives to create a team you can be proud of.

3. The perfect package for you

Our Virtual Office packages do not just come as a one size fits all option. Instead you can choose a combination of added services to best suit your company. We offer services such as a telephone answering service with a dedicated virtual receptionist, and mail forwarding to a UK address or with the option to redirect your mail internationally. In addition, we have an exceptional boardroom at our Regent Street address which is available to use for those important business meetings and comes with all the essential equipment you may need. Our available packages all include your premium registered office address and it is quick and easy to get started.

In summary, Virtual Office is one of the cheapest ways to get your company recognised and established in the business world. So make sure you are financially savvy, modern and flexible, and use Virtual Office to put your business in the best possible position for a successful future.

The Significance of Having a Virtual Office in London

city scape of london offices virtual office london

For several decades, the image of a working environment has always been a typical office setting and still, it is a practice followed by hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs across the planet. However, the changing trends and evolving technology solutions have provided entrepreneurs, both emerging and established ones, with multiple alternative business structures and working arrangements, which have gained a lot of attention and appreciation in recent times. Among all the solutions, virtual office is the latest and most effective concept that has taken the world by storm. It has completely revolutionised the traditional business landscape and in a phenomenal way. The trend of having a virtual office in London has exploded in popularity, especially among startup businesses, small and medium-sized organisations.

There are umpteen benefits of having a virtual office such as a city centre address, telephone call handling and mail forwarding without having to operate from a centralised location. Having a virtual office in a city like London allows businesses to portray a professional image without the need to actually rent or buy a traditional office space. Plus, if you operate a virtual office, the chances are your employees are happier and more productive. They will definitely enjoy the idea of not having to physically go to work in the morning, particularly if the task requires ditching a long commute and wearing formal clothes to the office. In a virtual office, you can collaborate with your team and work-together without any problems.

Video conferencing, cloud-based software and various other cutting edge communication systems can streamline communication and make sure your business operates as smoothly as it would if you and your employees were constantly face-to-face. With professional London virtual office services, you have access to conference rooms and boardrooms, which are fully equipped to undertake meetings.

Whether you are a startup business or an owner of a small venture and looking for a way to expand your business empire, then there are a few dedicated companies such as Hold Everything that are committed to providing small and medium businesses with unmatched virtual office solutions including mail forwarding London and a london virtual business address. With Hold Everything, you can have a virtual office in London’s Regent Street which can create a phenomenal brand image. Regent Street is home to a number of globally recognised companies and having a virtual office can leave a long lasting impression on your clients and potential customers. At Hold Everything, we offer tailored plans and pricing to match up with every needs and requirements of the business owner.

About Hold Everything

Hold Everything is a long standing, renowned company based in London that offers virtual office solutions including mail forwarding London and a virtual office address on London’s Regent Street. Go to for more information about virtual office solutions and packages offered by Hold Everything.

city scape of london offices

Virtual office and mail forwarding service from a central london office

Benefitting from a registered company address with virtual office

We offer virtual office solutions for businesses who require a registered office address, but want to do so without the costs associated with acquiring a premium office space, or the negative associations that can be driven from using your personal home address as the face for your business.


Companies House and HMRC advise by law that all UK companies should have a registered office address for all formal correspondence, as well and being displayed on your business stationery, website and for general public record. To qualify as a registered address, businesses must choose a physical location in the UK with a full postal address rather than simply using a PO Box.


So why choose virtual office?


Virtual office complies with all the key requirements, allowing you to use a prestigious address as your registered company address even if you are not permanently based within the building. Our Hold Everything offices are located in central London on Regent Street with a distinguished SW1 postcode. Choosing an address in a respected location provides you with a registered address that current and prospective clients will admire. This helps to ensure you create the perception of an established and confident business, which can help small companies and start-ups gain a strong reputation from day one.


Using virtual office for your mail


You can utilise your virtual office registered company address to receive all your company mail using our mail forwarding service to allow incoming mail to be filtered and directed on to your specific requirements as frequently as you wish. Our service is private and confidential and is ideal for business owners who run a company from their home address and do not wish to assign their personal family address to the business. It will also benefit companies whose employees are spread around the country allowing mail to be directed to multiple addresses.


Added extras…


In addition a virtual office solution has a number of other benefits to make the most off. One additional feature is the provision of a London telephone number which links to a telephone answering service. Through this number you will have a dedicated virtual receptionist who will answer the phone in the name of your company and either pass on calls directly or take messages from your clients. This continues to paint a professional picture for your business, which is essential when aiming to portray your services as both reliable and trustworthy.


One concern for those considering virtual office is worrying what clients will think if they discover you are not permanently based at your registered office address. However choosing a virtual office solution is actually perceived in a very positive way, showing you to be business savvy, contemporary and organised. Clients will respect your forward-thinking approach, plus virtual office is becoming more and more common which means it is not an unusual or surprising discovery to many people.


Last but not least….

Virtual office provides a huge financial saving to those companies who do not have the necessary need for a physical office. Many businesses have staff that work remotely from different countries or time zones, and even for UK based staff it is becoming more common to offer employees flexi-time hours and the option to work from home. These changes to the regular working environment, can allow you to employ the best staff for each roles and create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for employees. The savings on office space can be put towards equipment, staff incentives and of course back in to the business.


Virtual office is a financially savvy and innovate business choice allowing you all the benefits of a prestigious registered company address with none of the high cost implications.

Virtual office – What’s the relevance?

While good old-­‐fashioned face-­‐to-­‐face meetings used to rule the business world, such an extravagance is becoming something of a rare occurrence. Cometh the digital era armed with conference calls, remote access IT, hot desking and more, the emphasis has turned to online networking. However, one thing remains important for the reputation of a business and that is how your perceived status reflects credibility, professionalism and prestige, and this why owning virtual office space is more relevant today than ever before.

Financial Gains

Our virtual office space solutions are suitable for a range of businesses, large or small, who would want to gain the benefits of a London W1 postcode, without the expense of physically leasing and maintaining a full time dedicated office in the high-­‐end (and high-­‐priced!) location of Regent Street.

The recession has seen a rise in young entrepreneurs and individuals running businesses remotely from home or from small office locations. There is a necessity for professionals to be savvy and place their business in the best position to get the benefits of a prestigious location in the most cost-­‐effective way.

The registered central London address and accompanying London telephone number are a major benefit to small start up companies and independent business owners who can gain a head start in the market from the professional image the virtual office address provides.

Personal Gains

Not only does the virtual office address allow your company to significantly lower overheads, but also provides busy business professionals with a solution to spending unnecessary hours commuting with the flexibility to work from home. Having more quality time at home with the people that are most important to you can make a real difference to your personal wellbeing and lifestyle, which has been shown to have a positive effect on your business life – it’s all about balance!

What Else?

Telephone answering services

With single or multiple remote work addresses our telephone answering service (to your dedicated London telephone number) allows you to centralise your incoming business calls. Callers receive a professional service which redirects calls to the appropriate contact with the option to maximise the company efficiency by filtering out sales calls. Again this is a bespoke service, which will be tailored to your individual company requirements.

Mail Forwarding

In addition we offer a bespoke mail forwarding service for your private and professional mail, allowing you to choose both the method and frequency your mail, parcels and packages are sent to suit your specific requirements.

Office Space

While face-­‐to-­‐face meetings are indeed increasingly rare, they are yet to become extinct. So you may be thinking, how do you utilise your ‘virtual’ space when a client wants a direct meeting? Even if it is only once in a blue moon! In addition to using your registered London address as a virtual office, with a package from Hold Everything you will have the flexibility to hold business meetings in a physical meeting space on Regent Street. Our prestigious London boardroom allows you to hold a meeting at your registered London address, keeping up the appearance of your office location with a real central London presence.

But what if I get ‘found out’?

Virtual office is a sophisticated form of business management, and rather than being perceived as a deceptive marketing tool, it is viewed as both a clever and sensible solution to unnecessary business costs. Clients and professionals will be impressed by a company that does not settle for the norm but looks to utilise methods which produce a professional, efficient and successful business.

So with pros that highly outweigh the cons, see what a virtual office solution from Hold Everything can do for your business today!

The importance of your business location

business location

In an age where modern technology, virtual office and cloud computing are taking over, many businesses are wondering if location still factors in to their company portfolio. Whilst some businesses certainly may rely less on being acknowledged for their location, we would argue that location, or at least perceived locality is still of prime importance to a dynamic business model.

Why is your business location important?

Having a business address in a premium location such Regent Street in London gives the perception of a successful, confident and professional company. Potential customers can feel safe in the knowledge that your business is both established and trustworthy based on a recognisable location.

As well as overall perception, choosing a location with a London address ensures you are seen to be at the centre of the UK and in a hub of technology, business and commerce. This means customers will be at ease in the knowledge that you are at the forefront of the modern world. Logistically it also means your address is easily accessible for vendors, ensuring your deliveries get received without complications.

Affording a physical office

So if location is important then why not just rent a premium office location? Well that’s simple – it’s a rent problem. The more premium the location; the greater the competition and therefore the higher the price. Whilst some larger companies can justify the spend, it is likely that the majority of small independents, entrepreneurs or start-up companies would not be able to meet the high rates demanded by central London office spaces.

So ultimately it’s a catch 22. A remote location may directly impact your bottom line by reflecting poorly on the perception of the company, and yet a premium location is unaffordable to most. So what are the alternatives?

Taking advance of virtual office

The modern day solution is choosing a virtual office. A virtual office allows you to use an external address as your own legitimate business address. This will be your registered address for your company and can be used on your business card and website, as well as for receiving your mail and linking to a London telephone number for your calls.

Virtual office allows you to gain all the benefits of a central London address without the expenses of renting an office space. Plus, rent is not the only cost that is eliminated. You will save on equipment such as desks and chairs, as well as skipping electricity and water bills for the building. The money saved can be utilised on staff training and resources to encourage successful remote working environments.

With a virtual office you also get the added benefits of meeting clients in a physical boardroom, which can be booked and used as your own. Our Regent Street offices have a professional environment with all the essentials you would expect to find in a fully furnished office.

Hold Everything offers you the use of a mail forwarding service so we can collect and forward on all essential mail as you wish, as well as a telephone answering service where your incoming business calls will be answered by one of our dedicated telephone receptionists, meaning you will never miss an important call again.

Make your location count

Location, location, location – despite a rise in virtual communications, perceived location is still important to customers and therefore an essential consideration for businesses. Choosing a virtual office solution allows you to have the dream location, without the associated price tag, as well as enjoying many other business benefits along the way!