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Why a Virtual Office Address is Such a Good Idea in 2021

virtual office address

virtual office address

If you are a regular visitor to our blog then the concept of a ‘virtual office address’ is nothing new to you.  Maybe you are already a client benefitting from our virtual office services. But, for those who are new to the concept let me explain what a virtual office is and why it could be a perfect solution for starting your own business, especially in uncertain times.

Virtual offices are a relatively new addition to the office services industry. They are conceptually similar to traditional business centres, but they are generally more flexible in terms of the services they offer and the amount of space they occupy. Briefly, a virtual office is a shared workspace that is usually run by a professional management service but is often staffed by a receptionist, who will answer the phone and provide other basic services. The client can get meeting room facilities, which they can book by the hour or day. Some virtual offices offer additional services, printing facilities, and secretarial support, while others provide only the basics.

For entrepreneurs who have been building their business from home, a virtual office can serve as that first step towards getting established in a physical space – but without the commitment of renting an actual desk or room in an office building.

So, if you’re looking to give your business a more professional image but aren’t ready to move into an office, a virtual office is a more flexible, much cheaper alternative to taking that leap.

Similarly, if you’re already working in an office but are finding it to be too much of a strain on your time and purse strings (we all know that start-ups have to use their resources carefully), a virtual office could be a better compromise for you.

Whilst in a big city like London there are many virtual office address providers, you need to look a bit beneath the surface to choose the optimum solution for your business venture.  The #1 criterion is the address. This is what labels your company to any supplier or potential customer. Having a prestigious business address is the most important thing for your brand especially if it is fresh out of the box. A suburban home address does not inspire confidence and it also risks exposing your personal details online to all and sundry.  Every successful entrepreneur knows how important it is to set clear boundaries between work and personal life.   This is where a virtual office address really comes in handy since any mail that is sent to the office address is conveniently forwarded to your private address. Indeed, mail forwarding is one of our many ‘superpowers’.  Your clients and suppliers see your office location and it reassures them as to your credibility and business standing.

When you choose a virtual office package from Hold Everything you are demonstrating that concept of traditional office space traditional is outmoded and an unnecessary business cost.  You do not actually need physical office space to proudly put Regent Street on your business card.  We can also provide you with a designated telephone number and make sure that your business calls are dealt with by our professional phone answering team.

If you need a meeting space, we can provide you with a fully furnished, equipped board room on an hourly or daily basis. So if this sounds like a great business plan for you, then do be in touch and join the many business owners who have used our services over the last 40 years.

Unexpected Advantages of Remote Working.

remote working


Over the last few months business working models have changed dramatically.  it is a subject we have discussed several times here on our blog. Tens of thousands of workers have been forced into remote working which has come, of course, as something of a surprise.

The good news is that this forced move enabled more businesses to see the feasibility of a remote team. But what many may not know is there are many other advantages to having a virtual team.

Your Costs are Reduced

You actually get more for your money when hiring workers for remote working.   Very often, those seeking remote work put a high value on their freedom and flexibility over having a central office, and may be willing to work for less pay than a traditional employee.

Many small businesses have discovered the advantages of hiring remote employees and freelancers.  Employees can legally shed many of the obligatory benefits associated with regular staff.  If you start employing contractors from Upwork or People per hour you are not recruiting a unionised work force.   You can scale up or scale down as circumstances demand and put it all down to the changes brought about by Coronavirus.  This is a good moment to explore the remote working model.

Typically many of the freelance workers you hire will not be subject to UK or EU tax regulations so you will avoid much of the paperwork associated with standard UK office procedures.

In addition to the cost-savings,  reports that 77% of those who work from home get more done in fewer hours thanks to fewer distractions like meetings, conversations, and noisy coworkers. In addition, reports that remote workers accomplished 30% more work in less time. It could be argued that increased productivity is due in part that many realise that they will have more free time to do the things they love if they get their work done in a more productive manner.

You Can Pinpoint the skills Required.

Instead of hiring one person to do a variety of jobs, having a remote team allows you to hire the right person with the right skills for the right job. Many virtual professionals today work for more than one person and therefore get very specialised in a set of skills. Candidates do not have to be ‘allrounders’ you can choose exactly the right person for the job in hand.  If you are working on a web development for example and you want it done on an Elementor structure you can choose a team who are tightly qualified in that one programming skill rather than a generalist who might have only used Elementor occasionally.  They would know all the little tricks around the platform and consequently save  hours of  valuable time which you are paying for.

remote working

Keep Good People

With a remote team, you can attract and retain quality professionals. In a recent study, 95% of employers reported that working remotely has had a high impact on their employee retention rate.

For moms, working from home provides the ability to have better work / life balance. For instance, if a child is sick, a mom can continue to work while monitoring her child. In the same way, she can take a break to go have lunch with her child or spouse and make up the time that afternoon or evening if needed.

Greater Flexibility

If your remote team members are independent contractors, you have the freedom to end the contract if they are no longer needed. There are no firing or unemployment penalties involved in this type of remote working. In addition, if you decide the person is not a good fit, you can more easily find someone who is.

More Reasons to Consider a Remote Team

A remote team also provides additional benefits to your business and the environment.

Having the ability to hire the right person for the right job and pay a fair rate enables small businesses to grow faster than ever before. By combining that with all these additional benefits, establishing a virtual team for remote working becomes a real advantage for many small businesses.

Another big advantage in using a flexible freelance team is that most of the recruitment platforms (Upwork/people per Hour/Fiverr) have a well regulated review and feedback system in place so that it is in the interest of a freelancer to perform to their highest level to obtain good ratings on their specific recruitment platform and guarantee recurring work and higher exposure on the platform.    In some specialist skill sets such as Google Adwords, you can buy freelance time from a specialist working for some of the largest corporations who will do your ad campaigns as a ‘side hustle’ and you get the weight of experience that you could not afford or need on a full time basis.

At Hold Everything we are experts at providing many of the structures for remote work including professional phone answering and mail handling.  Your staff may be scattered around the globe but you know you have a fixed point in a prestigious office in central London.

Coronavirus and the Move to ‘Virtual Organisations’

home working

When you run a busy virtual office system as we do you become aware of trends that are taking place  in the wider business world. Indeed, there is a very interesting article in the latest issue of the ‘Economist’ about companies that have no real base – ‘virtual organisations’.  They call them ‘fully distributed’ firms.

Such “fully distributed” firms were on the rise before covid-19. As national lockdowns spread, conventional ones are forced into similar arrangements. Those that have grown up this way offer lessons.

Distributed organisations are as old as the internet. Its first users 50 years ago realised how much can be done by swapping emails and digital files. These exchanges led to the development of “open source” software, jointly written by groups of strangers often geographically distant.  Hold Everything has been around for more than 30 years and has been a pioneer in virtual office working.

Today most distributed startups have open-source roots. Gatsby is one. Nearly all 1,200 employees of another, Automattic, best known for WordPress, software to build websites, work from home. GitHub, which hosts millions of open-source projects (and was acquired by Microsoft in 2018), may be the world’s biggest distributed enterprise. Two-thirds of its 2,000 staff work remotely. Most firms that build blockchains, a type of distributed database, are by their nature dispersed.

Plenty of startups start out distributed to avoid high rents—and so high wages—in Silicon Valley and other tech centres. Many opt to stay that way. Joel Gascoigne, boss of Buffer, which helps customers manage social-media accounts, works remotely in Boulder, Colorado. Stripe, an online-payments firm, has a head office in San Francisco but its new engineering hub is a collection of remote workers.


Besides new tools, distributed firms need novel management practices. One rule is not to mix physical and virtual teams. Online participants in mixed meetings often feel excluded. GitHub’s boss, Nat Friedman, has all employees—himself included—log in to meetings virtually, even if they are in the office. Looking over someone’s shoulder to see if they are working (or worse, use software to do it) is another no-no. Remote workers do not slack off, as some managers fear. Trust your team, set clear and, where possible, measurable goals, and let people do their thing, counsels Mr Mathews. To foster camaraderie, Buffer organises an annual in-person retreat (covid-19 will push it online this year).  Here, at Hold Everything we concur absolutely in this way of thinking.  We are sure that when things move back to some sort of ‘normal’ there will be a pronounced shift toward decentralised offices and the need for virtual offices like our will become even more apparent.

One of the crucial elements in working remotely is, of course ‘trust’.  Trust also requires transparency and explicitness—another reason documentation is key, says Michael Pryor, co-founder of Trello (whose workforce is 80% remote). Discussions that lead to a decision must be captured in writing, he explains, so everyone understands the trade-offs being considered. As a result, distributed firms favour wordsmiths, not good speakers as traditional firms do. Good writing demands clear thinking and discipline.

The pandemic may lead some companies that have outsourced lots of operations to the cloud to go a step further and get rid of at least some offices. “I just don’t think we are going to go back [to business as usual],” says Frank Slootman, boss of Snowflake, a database firm. Even digerati like Twitter plan to turn more virtual.  It looks as if the Monday morning chat around the water cooler has gone for ever.  the Economist article makes a very salient and powerful point when they say ‘New firms will erect a new virtual floor, which others then inhabit. The coronavirus-fuelled exodus to cyberspace is unlikely to be the last.’

Top 4 Small Business Ideas of 2020 Whatever the Election Result

As the lights go on once again on Regent Street it reminds us that the new year is arriving and helps us focus on what we want to achieve with our business in 2020

These new beginnings can be seen in private and social life as well as in business life. This freshness was the main purpose of our article. In 2019, you may have thought of going into many jobs, entering some of them, and even ruining some jobs. But when you wake up in the first morning of 2020, they will all be left behind. And it’s not just about you. 2020 is still a major mystery for all of us on the political side, the elections are 5 weeks away and a new administration will colour our opportunities.

With the new year, Governments create new hikes, new sanctions and new jobs. Moving to the new year is a clearing operation even before the state and private sector. Some products become cheaper while others become expensive. Within the sector, a number of balances are displaced. This happens every year. What is important is to discover what is advantageous for starting a business and what is disadvantageous in the balance of changing balances.

A good research means that a new year will be laid out in front of you with a brand new and good start. Now let’s first show the pros and cons of establishing a small business and the financial and moral benefits it provides to the person, then let us list the small things you can do in the new year.

What are the material and spiritual benefits of small jobs?

  • It’s a good idea not to say small business. When it comes to small business, it can be less profitable, it is also a field of competence and working hours. Keep in mind that today’s big businessmen have set off from the smallest, one starting line. Lord Sugar famously started his career selling electronics from the back of his van.So we can easily tell you the first benefit. If small business ideas have the potential for growth, you can make a good start. The important thing is to start off with a secure business idea and look to improve it slowly.
  • Small jobs might generate small revenue. But don’t let this intimidate you, and mustn’t bother you. Because small jobs have potential. and, most important a small job of your own is better than a dead end job working for someone else.
  • Small business ideas come to life and you start earning. And perhaps the best future point for you is that the number of times of nervous stress in such jobs is very low. You can age 5 years in a year when you say you’ll make money, because there’s much bigger money in big jobs. In a more peaceful and quiet working environment everything is under control in small jobs.

Low Capital Enough for Small Business Ideas

In an environment where the economic crisis is at the door and the dollar is making a ceiling, nobody trusts his money and does not enter the big investment areas and hopes that the chaotic environment will pass to a certain extent and decrease in a kind of expectation.

You can take cautious and solid steps with the small business ideas that come to your mind and show you, you can start to work slowly, without having to pay too much money, borrowing money left and right. The important thing is not to play big with big money, but to enter into the sector in a way and gradually to secure your place there.

Take a look at a few tips that can be useful for small traders, take advantage of our little advice, and be well-versed in competing in this area.

Top  Small Business Ideas of 2020

1- Establishing a small online consultancy and business company on the Internet:

There are thousands and even millions of people on the internet who are confused, looking for answers to the questions they ask and who cannot find them. You can help those people by specialising in one subject, and you can gain immediate answers to their questions and problems quickly.

There is no need for an office or stand for this job. You should build only one internet service and partner portal; you can start earning from the first day with a portal where internet users will present their questions to you in an easy and practical way. You may be surprised at how many questions and advice that can come in just 24 hrs.

2- Just open a single product or single category e-commerce website:

In this way, specialisation can catch out the competition. With a single product or a single category, your business becomes minimal. Since the products you will take under control will not be comprehensive, you can work comfortably and you can start taking business away from the competition.

3- Once you have removed the inside of a device and learned all its parts, become a master mechanic:

Craftsmen and experts are always needed in the market and in the market share. This field of expertise may apply to any digital device or to a new and unknown device. Just take some time and master it. The important point here is to concentrate on a single device and to master it without leaving any room for error.

Work is always there for the technical masters.. Because they are very few. And you can be one of those few masters. In just a few months.

4- Build a cheat extraction and disclosure site:

There are opportunists in the internet as in every field. And, human nature being what its, scammers abound in the online world!

As an internet detective, you can work in an institution-based but sometimes person-oriented way, and you can identify and disclose the people and institutions that make such misleading directions.

In this line of business, the important thing is to be ethical. Refrain from expressions that are insulting. Instead of calling a fake business a fraud, it doesn’t reflect the truth, use expressions like unreal, for example. Whistle-blowing in this cyber-fraud world is a great business model to work with.

We wish you all a good return in the new year and small business ideas and remember that by setting up your virtual office at Hold everything on London’s Regent Street you are branding your new company as a ‘winner’ in every sense of the word.


How to Make the Most of Your Morning Energy and Be More Productive.

Did you realise you could be letting the first few moments of your work day affect your productivity?  It’s true, research has shown that many of us tackle rhe wrong jobs in the morning and then run out of important energy later on in the day.  For example, many people avoid doing difficult and annoying tasks when they start their working day.  There is an old saying that you should ‘eat a frog to start your day’ in other words get the nasty stuff done when you have lots of morning energy.  Don’t waste your first 30 minutes reading all your email, just glance through and prioritise for later in the day.

Many of us think that it is time efficient to multi-task but recent research says this isn’t the case.  It is much better to start your working day on one important project rather than flit from one to another.  Importantly we should not let negativity spoil our super-productive mornings.  It is easily done, holding on to the previous night’s aggravations or a difficult start with the kids.  It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office or work remotely, you must still avoid becoming negative.

One of the worst energy draining things you can do is to schedule too many early morning meetings .  These are basically ‘low energy’ events that are best scheduled later in the day when you have used up your morning’s energy most efficiently.  And last but by no means least, try to get some natural daylight by sitting yourself near a window.  Oh, and finally, don’t overdo the coffee before 11am it’s not good for you.