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Is your business address killing your business?

London most prestigious virtual office address on Regent Street provided by can protect your home address and save your business address potentially affecting your business.

Your home address can say a lot about you, so therefore your businesses address can also say a lot about your business. When looking at an address the first thing I look at is the City, whether it be London, Liverpool, or Birmingham, it is important. If potential clients are analysing your website the thing that will catch their eye too is the location of your business.

As a first impressions stand for a lot in the business world it is of the utmost importance to expel pretentiousness and professionalism. Thus, Regent Street, London, speaks for itself and you are able emit a great first impression to prospective clients.

When conducting your business from home you leave yourself vulnerable to variables that you do not have control over. Firstly, your home address will stay on certain databases such as companies house forever which can lead to unwanted visitors at unwanted and unscheduled times.

Secondly, your personal life and business life can become mixed, for example members of your household that fall ill and require assistance. Therefore, you are less likely to be able to conduct all your work responsibilities in one day, causing a delay, putting you behind schedule and not giving your clients the full attention they need from you as a business owner.

Additionally, if you have young children, walking into a home full of scattered toys doesn’t give off the best organisational look. Conducting meetings at home can therefore be a struggle.

A Great Solution

Here at Hold Everything not only do we offer a registered office, mail forwarding and telephone answering services, we also offer a meeting room for you to use at your disposal. So as well as registering your address to Central London, your business meetings can also take place here too.

One of our recently joined clients came into the office to check out our meeting space and discuss the process of incorporation to Hold Everything, whilst doing this he mentioned that because his business was based in Manchester he found that other larger companies would not entertain his business until he moved to a London address.

We also spoke to past client Suraj Sodha from WPMaintain whose business has grown and now has his own office, he said:-

“When I first started my business and had no office space, I used a virtual office through Hold Everything which immediately gave my business a prestigious London address and an element of trust to new clients. I used this address on my website and business stationery to demonstrate to potential clients that I had a London presence.

I knew this was a great idea when I won a new contract worth £60,000 and the client said that they were impressed by our presence in London at a prestigious address compared to other suppliers who they had considered.”

This is a prime example of what a London address can do for your business. Not only are you registered in the business capital of the United Kingdom and therefore taken more seriously, you are also surrounded by other powerful businesses and their top quality standing will rub off on your business, which results in improving your business’ corporate identity.

Mollie Churney

Suraj Sodha from WPMaintain website:

Business rate increase

A business rate is a tax on business properties so that those who occupy non-domestic property can contribute towards the expense of local services. The revaluation of business rates will become effective on April 1st after it was deferred from 2015 as to not interfere with the general election. Looking at London specifically, the increases mean that those businesses, such as independent cafes and retailers inside Central London could be persuaded and forced to move their business or parts of their business, such as a head office, outside of London. As they now have to deal with salaries, rent and an increased business rates as well as other business expenses.

By using a virtual office the services that Hold Everything can offer will allow you a great presence and NO business rate charge.

The LCCI ComRes survey found that:

  •  17% of firms would move activities outside of London,
  • 18% of firms would reduce staff numbers,
  • 22% would reduce recruitment and
  • 27% would reduce capital investment.

Additionally, within the construction and property trade 35% agreed that the new business rates will mean paying more in business rates than rent.

This providing evidence for the fact that depending on what trade one works in will depend on how much the business rates will affect their business. Many well-known corporations based in London which will be greatly affected, organisations with large premises or multiple locations such as TGI Fridays, Harrods, Selfridges, St Pancras Station could be affected whilst  and The O2 Arena it is reported will  suffer from a 142% rise in business rates.



Taking restaurants as an example, this increase will mean that the big chains, such as the well know pizza companies and American style burger restaurants will have to serve millions more meals and thus collect millions more checks to cover the cost of the business rate without increasing their prices to the consumers. Now because such a high demand is unreasonable to create especially in this unstable economy, the only solution is to unfortunately for the consumer to increase the prices of the products sold and unfortunately for the employee to reduce recruitment and decrease the staff numbers. In addition, for the small independent businesses that are still trying to overcome the increasing rent will be forced to close or mover to cheaper locations outside of central London.

The Federation of Small Businesses explained that London is in “serious danger of losing its vital support system of micro and small businesses”, which arguably brings life to London.


Therefore, the rising prices of business rates which in turn creates products being sold for larger amounts results in less consumer spending, meaning that the government still needs money to cover their costs so will increase taxes elsewhere, thus resulting in more business closure and relocation. This vicious circle could be detrimental to London’s economy.

One solution to this issue of increasing rent and business rates is using and taking advantage of a virtual office. Why risk paying rent on a property that you may not be able to afford in a few months’ time? By working from home, or an office outside of London with cheaper rent, and using a virtual office as a business and registered office you can trust and have faith that your business will survive these uncertain economic times. Your outgoings will not dramatically peak and you can focus on paying salaries and other more important outgoings, such as technology and website development, rather than large amounts of rent and business rates.

Royal Mail Postal Increase March 2017

Royal Mails increase the price of postal charges from Monday 27th March.

Does this increase affect  clients at our Virtual office in Regent Street, London – Fortunately NO .

Will it affect future clients – also NO

This is because our SIMPLY MAIL FORWARDING & OVERSEAS MAIL FORWARDING accounts will protect you from these price increases as our packages include mail forwarding within the set monthly charges.

So how much has the charges increased ?

A first-class stamp will cost 65p a second-class stamp will cost 56p (both increasing by one pence),

a large first-class letter will be 98p (an increase of 2p) and a large second-class letter will be 76p (an increase of 1p). Cost of sending packages will increase as well.  Royal Mail has since said that the reason for this is “to help ensure the sustainability of the universal postal service”.  See price list:-



It is no surprise that the traditional form of letter sending through the highly recognisable red post boxes that we see round every corner has been in decline since the rise of; computers, the internet, email and faxing, as well as the UK’s recent decision to remove itself from the EU. Thus the traditional forms of communication are being penalised because of it, whilst the modern entities begin to take over.

UK, London, Dean's Yard, Post Box

However, is this 1 or 2p increase really a big deal?

One could argue no, not for those who occasionally and individually send mail, for example the occasional birthday card. But for companies and corporations that send mail regularly, such as mail order companies whom may include free delivery in their offer to attract more customers, this does add up and can equate to quite a percentage of their outgoing funds. This money could effectively be spent elsewhere to create a higher profit.

We spoke to Neil Giller of  he said “this increase affects our clients on price wise, as a result of this we use alternative mailing distribution companies which will keep the relative costs down for our clients” he continued saying “this means that Royal Mail are less competitive and thus leaving themselves more exposed to potentially losing more business.”

In support of his clients he said “It also means that we have to monitor our margins for our clients as they look to reduce the size of their mailings and from the first class to second class options again to keep their costs down, again this increase from Royal Mail may have an impact on the volumes Royal Mail may carry as a result of constant increases”.

In summary he advised – “Small margins add up, where we were sending 10,000 items for a client a few years ago, now the same 10,000 derives a much small margin for us, thus we need to look at alternative methods of distribution”.

Message from The team at Hold Everything – Virtual Office Address in Regent Street, London

This week sees the team expand and we welcome Mollie to the company.

Mollie graduated from the University of Kent in July 2016 with a 2.1 in Criminology. She is here to assist the team with a focus on Compliance, her studies should help with this area and she will also be regularly assisting the social media team and here’s her first blog.

 Virtual office became my reality.

 My life has changed dramatically in the past six months. I have gone from a university student: working hard and hardly working, with the hopes of passing my exams and dissertation with flying colours, and having hopes of travelling the world and partaking in adventure after adventure, including lying on white sandy beaches drinking smoothies and cocktails throughout the day, and of course seeing the sights. To a post-graduate who moved back home with my parents and got a part time job to fill the time and fill my pockets. However, a few months down the line reality set in, and I found myself thinking ‘this part time work life of being a waitress and cleaning up after people is not all I thought it would be’. The lie in may have been a significant pro, but the pay and the lack of brain cells being stimulated were a HUGE con. I assumed after five or six months and I would be ready to take off for adventure and not look back, but then I got to thinking: why do I have to go now? Why not wait, acquire some life and work experience, get older get wiser and then go.

So when the opportunity arose to work full-time in a prestigious virtual office company based in the centre of the London, the city I am lucky enough to call home I did not hesitate. So now I sit at my desk in my new office, with my new colleagues, listening to the sound of the London’s Regent Street hustle and bustle blaring through the window, and I am really enjoying it (so far! It’s my second day – I’ll let you know). However, whilst starting a new job, joining the work force and becoming a professional is exciting, it is also scary and nerve racking too. On your first day your quiet and shy and at first you feel like a helpless puppy waiting for people to tell you what to do and hovering around anything and anyone that may make you understand what is going on. The overload of information is a lot to take in, deciphering which mail forwarding service or telephone answering system certain clients chose. But as the weeks go on my responsibilities will grow and hopefully things will begin to fall into place and company names will become more familiar, and as long as the nerve endings and synapses in my brain are active I’m happy!

Working within a virtual office for just two days has opened my eyes to how the business world works. You don’t need a flamboyant or modern office to compete with the big corporations. Instead you can work from home, abroad, or even a smaller office outside of London and still be a viable contender in the world of business. Without a London address a company can possibly be seen as removed from the business hub, whilst by using a virtual office in the centre of London you achieve a perception of professionalism, expel success, and appear as a serious business contender.

My aim within the next few weeks is to have developed my knowledge on virtual offices and the positive attributes they can bring to a company, as well as working on compliance and understanding from inside the office what information and checks are needed to ensure companies can register their business with Hold Everything.

Till Next time.


The what, how and why of virtual office

Regent street virtual office london

You have most likely heard the term ‘virtual office’ being used quite frequently in the business world, but may not have managed to truly grasp the concept. To help you out, here’s our quick guide to the what, how and why of virtual office.

What is virtual office?

Virtual office is a business location which only exists ‘virtually’.

But what does this mean…? A virtual office setup allows business owners and their employees to work together in a collaborative digital space whilst based in any location in the world without the requirement of a fixed office space. Businesses can utilise modern technology from emails and teleconferences to cloud servers and Skype to not only work together as a team, but also work with clients and hold digital meetings.

How to run your business with a virtual office?

When your office is operating in a purely virtual environment, the question falls to how you can continue functioning like a normal business. This is where the virtual office services of Hold Everything come in to play. By providing your business with a registered office address that offers a bespoke mail forwarding service you can retain the perception of a singular stable base for your business, where mail is sorted and forwarded on within the UK or internationally.

You can also take advantage of services such as a virtual receptionist who will answer calls in the name of your company and pass them on to the correct person within your business. Your receptionist will answer every call and pass on messages when you are unavailable. This means you can avoid any awkward situations of unanswered calls or missed messages which could occur away from a set working environment

Whilst running your business as a virtual office you can also utilise meeting rooms when you need to meet with a client face-to-face. Hold Everything have a range of functional boardrooms for hire equipped with all your business essentials.

Most importantly… Why should you choose virtual office?

There are many different reasons why businesses are choosing a virtual office solution. Many businesses in the modern world lend themselves to operating in a virtual environment, with clients and employees spread far and wide. This allows staff to be hired around the world and flexible working hours and locations to be offered up.

A virtual office means there is no need for daily commuting. This can mean employees are gaining precious hours that would have been spent on trains, helping the environment by reducing pollution or saving money on transport and parking. The time saved means yourself and your employees can enjoy a better work/life balance leading to a happier and more productive team environment.

The money you will save on office expenses can make all the difference to a start up business where choosing to sign a lease or get a mortgage for an office space can be a daunting experience. Virtual office is the cheapest way to run your business, whilst not compromising on quality or performance. A tailored registered office address from Hold Everything could also enhance the perception of your company with a London address on Regent Street being held in high regard by potential clients.

With the additional services provided by Hold Everything, choosing a virtual office setup does not have to limit your functionality as a business, but instead gives you a new found flexibility which may not be possible in a restricted office environment.

So, in a nutshell that is the what, how and why of virtual office, for any other questions get in touch or explore our packages to see how virtual office can work for your business.