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Data Problems Continue to Affect Blue Chip Companies.

If we needed any reminding just how vulnerable British industry is to hackers and other cyber criminals.  The latest victim is British Airways and this major security hack has seriously impacted their shareholder value.  Of corse, BA is no longer a British owned company but ‘flying the flag’ becomes ever more a difficult decision.  We worry that once again BA has tried to cut corners on its IT structure and it has backfired on them very badly.   We feature this news story in our latest News Report.

We also look at the steps the government is taking to try to stamp out the menace of spam phone calls  and this will not come a  minute too soon.  We all hate those PPI calls and ridiculous accident claims that seem to come through when we are concentrating on something important and we have to waste precious moments killing the call.  It seem that some heavy fines are on the way!