We hope to be able to answer any questions that you might have below, but please feel free to contact us with any other queries that you may have on: 020 7580 4242

How often is my mail forwarded?
On the set up of your Hold Everything London virtual office mail forwarding account, you are able to decide how and when your mail is forwarded to you. Depending on the volume and the urgency of post you can choose to have mail forwarded daily or weekly. If you have specific requirements we can look to adapt this arrangement to meet your personal requirements.

Do you send us the junk mail?
Your Hold Everything mail forwarding service account will be set up to remove obvious junk mail such as catalogues, promotional material and directories. Hold Everything will endeavour to make sure this is effective; however, we are not to know what may NOT be junk mail to you, without your guidance. If you subscribe for a particular trade magazine or order a regular publication please let us know so that we may ensure this is mail is forwarded to you.
How is my mail forwarding costs calculated?
Our packages include mail forwarding on the basis no one individual item exceeds 2 kilos in weight.
Do you answer my calls in my company name?
Yes. The Hold Everything telephone answering service will answer all of your calls as per your specific instructions.

Do you answer my calls in my company name?
Yes. The Hold Everything telephone answering service will answer all of your calls as per your specific instructions.

What happens after you answer my calls?
As part of your Hold Everything telephone answering service we will adapt the handling of calls to suit your personal preference and specific instructions. If you would prefer we can take a message and email you the relevant information. Should you choose to have calls re-routed to yourself or a member of your staff, we can provide that facility also. Hold Everything are flexible to your specific needs
What happens out of office hours?
When your telephone answering service is set up we will ascertain from you how you would prefer these calls to be dealt with. You may wish to have the calls diverted directly to your phone out of hours.
How quickly can I have my number?
Typically the Hold Everything telephone answering service can be up and running within 24 hours, sometimes less.
How will a virtual office help my business?
There are a number of advantages to having a virtual office. It is significantly cheaper than renting a physical office yet still affords you the impression of being based in and operating out of a prestigious central London address. This will help you to look more established and gain new clients and more business.
What are the benefits of having a virtual office over using my home address for my business?
Using your home address to register your business or as your main correspondence address can cause several issues. Essentially a prospective client looking at your business online or in a directory will be judging how established, reliable and legitimate your business is based on a number of criteria, you office address being a key influence on their decision to do business with you.
How often can I use the central London office meeting space?
We have a variety of packages that are designed to suit a range of requirements. Check them out here, or give us a call to discuss this further. The office meeting space is a useful tool to use on demand or regularly and we are always open to creating bespoke packages for those businesses with specific requirements.
What sort of businesses use a virtual office?
We have a range of clients from all industries, from accountants to plumbers, sole traders to larger companies. The main thing all our clients have in common is that they are intent on saving money whilst still offering their clients a first class service. By reducing their overheads they can offer a competitive price to their clients whilst retaining an improved profit compared to operating out of a physical office.
How much is a virtual office going to cost me?
We have a number of packages which start from as little as £15.00 for more details check out our packages page here, email us, fill in the form or call us.
I need my mail forwarded abroad, will that be a problem?
Absolutely not, we offer an international mail forwarding and parcel courier service. Check out our packages to see how you could save on the mainstream courier prices whilst receiveing a first class mail forwarding service from London’s Regent Street.
How soon can I start using my virtual office address?
Once we have the relevant compliance paperwork (see below) you can start to use the address.
What documents do I need to set up my virtual office?
We have a few internal forms we require to be completed plus in line with HMRC regulations we will require a selection of documents to support the identities and address verification of the directors/shareholders/named applicants.
Is the Web Hosting really free?
Yes it is, with all our mailing accounts we offer free website hosting and 10 x POP3 email accounts via HostingIT4U for as long as your account is open with us. This hosting package alone is worth at least £15/mth so getting it free with our mailing accounts represents an incredible deal.