Get a Job!

I have had a very interesting week.  When you do what I do, you deal with a variety of business people and sometimes become a sounding board for their challenges.  Sometimes even an agony uncle!

I learn so much about my clients when I listen to their challenges and they are surprised when they learn that I’ve often experienced the issues and feelings that they have.   Like many of my fellow experienced entrepreneurs, we have seen a lot.   This week was no different.  One of my clients was speaking about the economic times and her business associates changing.

She was down about the fact that a number of her close business colleagues were back in full time or part time jobs with what she described as “more financial security “ and felt dreadful that she was a little bit jealous of the new successes that they were having.  Where she used to be one of their first and foremost trusted contacts, suddenly she wasn’t. The goalposts had changed.

Things in business are always changing and the skill of handling and positively managing that change is essential.   When asked what it was that made my client feel the way she did, it came down to the fact that it was a massive change for the dynamics of her business.  She felt she couldn’t say anything for fear of how it would be seen.

So when faced with such a situation, what can you do?   Here are three quick tips!

1)      When faced with a change (which sometimes manifests itself as some kind of feeling of jealousy or unease) – ask yourself what it is exactly that you have the challenge with. What is it that you’re feeling?

2)      What’s the benefit?  It’s easy to focus on the negatives of a situation, but remember the positives too.  As I said to my client, how about the new contacts she can make?  The new conversations?

3)      Talk about it:  Speak to someone you trust and know.  It’s important to speak to a sounding board.  I have been in the situation of change more times than I can remember.  You may be surprised at the experience around you.

So what happened with my client?   Well she sat down with her colleague and they worked it out.  The real issue was that then the colleague closed their business, she felt like they took away part of hers.   Always remember to have business plans and strategy to fill any gaps for essential services you offer.

On that point remember, that change happens all of the time, but never ever underestimate the power that your decisions can have on others.  Be aware, be courteous and be kind!

Have a great week.

Richard Cooper – Hold Everything