How to successfully set goals for your business

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  • Post published:November 25, 2014
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This summer I set myself a personal goal, to complete my longest cycle ride to date. Travelling from Paris to Brussels and eventually arriving back home in London. A journey totalling in 380 miles of burnt rubber!

And Yes! I’m pleased to announce that it was a success – not to say it wasn’t tough and certainly had its challenging moments and ‘uphill climbs’. But the sense of achievement has been fantastic, both personally for myself and also for my chosen charity which helps to fund the prevention and treatment of Crohns and Colitis in childhood, so far raising £1,435!

This experience got me thinking about the importance of setting both personal goals and business goals alike. As a business it is key to always be aiming ahead. Goals (the right goals that is!) need to be set, met and achieved to keep a business motivated. Well chosen objectives can point a new business in the right direction and keep an established company on track. So here is my advice to setting goals, keeping motivated and ultimately, succeeding!

Don’t start with the Tour de France!

When looking to set a goal, the first question to ask should be, is it achievable? It’s all good setting a target but if there is no chance of ever getting there you will find yourself demotivated and feeling like you have failed. I am a keen cyclist and year on year give myself a slightly more challenging ride to complete, but I always make sure that given the correct training and diet, I feel confident I can succeed! Give your company a chance and find a goal that with the right mental attitude and hard work you hope to achieve!

2. You won’t get far pedalling backwards…

Now that being said… if your goal is too easy there is no point to setting it in the first place. Whether it is a personal goal for work, team goals for your employees or a whole company target. Reaching that goal should be a big achievement and something that will give you pride in what you have done, so make sure it is challenging enough to make you sweat!

3. If your bike is a bike, take it for a ride! (make it relevant)

A key goal for one company will be different from another. When choosing your goal make sure it goes in parallel to the companies overall mission. Rather than just a financial target, think about how you want to get there, and making your goal personal to your own company. Everyone wants to make money and be successful, but a goal should be tailored to the process as well as the outcome.


3. Don’t forget to train

So you’ve chosen your goal – what’s next? You need to create a structured programme for how to achieve your goal. Business is all about being prepared, keep yourself and your employees on track with mini-targets. These well chosen objectives help you edge towards  your end goal. This keeps everyone involved motivated, and morale high, as well as allowing you to keep an eye on your progress and make sure you are continually heading in the right direction.


So in summary… 

Be optimistic, yet realistic. 

Be specific. 

Be prepared. 


By setting up goals and objectives you can give each task a sense of purpose, keep your company on track, as well as ‘keeping track’ on progress and inevitably create a fantastic sense of achievement when you reach your goal! Goals are important to every business be it a small start up company, or a large established business, just follow these easy steps and you’ll be as pleased as I was when my feet touched down in London!


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