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London Business Base Post-BREXIT

It has been said many times that the EU will negotiate deals right up to the wire.  With BREXIT they certainly didn’t disappoint. Any longer and we would have been eating Xmas dinner when the white smoke floated over Brussels.    So now we know that from Jan 1st we will be dealing with the new rules and regulations of the deal the UK has finally negotiated with the EU.    More qualified voices than mine will put some meat onto the deal but what I can say is that it opens the UK up to. many global opportunities.   It will make our country more flexible and nimble in many spheres and certainly make London a very exciting place for foreign companies to invest in and establish a London business base.

What occurs to me is that many non-European companies will be looking to establish a London business base to develop strong trade links.  Many commonwealth countries will suddenly find the UK a profitable place to export to now we are no longer tied to EU trade agreements. These companies will need to build a new presence in the UK and test the market as changes get implemented.    With office rents beginning to soar again and new legislation still being created and enacted it makes good sense to set up a virtual office in central London to provide a prestigious UK address and an administrative framework.

I think you can see where my reasoning is going?  Hold Everything can be the ideal solution for a company in Australia, India or Canada to establish their new UK trading base. For a minimal outlay, they can have a London address and a secretarial team to handle all their office functions.  Phone calls and mail will be dealt with seamlessly and we even have a meeting room that visiting executives can use when setting up those exciting tariff-friendly deals.   London is destined to become a truly global hub in the hi-tech sector and the creation of free ports will make us a centre for the re-export business.  The opportunities are boundless and we are there to help it all work smoothly.

For the past 9 months, we have been a panacea for the Work From Home #WFH business community and we have risen to the challenge of providing non-stop secretarial services through the great COVVID-19 disruption.  Now we look to a new year where we can be at the forefront of helping ‘Global Britain’ follow its new path establishing new trading connections around the world.  If you need guidance on how our virtual office can help you reach your trading goals with a London business base, do get in. touch with us.