Mail Forwarding Services

At Hold Everything our virtual office service will offer you a Mail Receiving & Mail Forwarding service, available for both personal and business usage. This enables you to make a lasting impression on your clients or contacts with our high profile Central London address.

Our prestigious Regent Street Virtual Office address has its own dedicated postcode. Because we do NOT differentiate between personal and business mail we provide packages that work for you.


You are also welcome to call in and collect your mail from our Regent Street location, during the virtual office during trading hours. For more information, contact us on 0800 0087244.

Mail forwarding is an important service for many of our clients who wish to receive their mail in a timely and efficient manner. Whilst many people communicate through electronic means on a day to day basis, there are many vital documents that you may need to receive from organisations and individuals. The Hold Everything mail forwarding service filters out obvious junk mail and only forwards on letters and documents that may be of interest to you. We also offer a specific mail forwarding service if you are expecting specific documentation that requires immediate forwarding.