Other Office Addresses

Do you need a second office facility?
Transform your clients’ perception of your business by having a virtual office address in more than one location.
Whether in the United Kingdom or overseas, Hold Everything can arrange for an additional virtual office address for you, both nationally and internationally.
Having more than one virtual office address gives your business credibility and your clientele the perception that you are a larger enterprise than you really are. Our clients find that having additional office locations often serves to encourage new business opportunities on both a national or international scale.
For further information on our other virtual office address facilities as indicated below please call our switchboard on 0207 580 4242.

We have a number of overseas addresses available in a vast range of countries, whether you are looking for a virtual office in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, San Francisco, Los Angeles or all over the UK, we have a solution for you. Many of our clients enjoy the benefits of having a multi national presence with a virtual office in a number of international locations.

Should you be looking for a virtual office address in other locations please view the “other locations” button below which will take you to our home page with TVOC, who are one of our virtual office address partners. This will provide you with additional information on the choice of over 100 other virtual addresses in the United Kingdom.
All of these virtual office addresses come as part of a package with telephone answering services. Please be aware that set up fees apply when using our partners services. Should you prefer to operate from any of these addresses purely as a mail forwarding service, please call us with the relevant office details and the arrangements will be made.