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Using our flexible meeting room space to your advantage

Meeting room hire central london regent street

Whilst Virtual Office is the perfect solution for companies working remotely and using the latest advances in technology to hold meetings, communicate with staff and undertake their own work from anywhere in the world, many businesses still appreciate the flexibility and security of being able to use a premium meeting room space as and when they require.


Our comprehensive meeting room services compromise of a comfortable, professional and well equipped boardroom, suitable for businesses to use for a range of services. We have highlighted three of the most popular reasons our clients choose to utilise our boardroom facilities:


  1. Client meetings

However rare face-to-face meetings are becoming, you will undoubtedly need or want to meet up with a client every now and then. When these occasions arise, you will likely feel that the wobbly table in your favourite coffee shop, or the self-made study in your back room don’t create the right atmosphere to match the company image you are looking to portray.

Our boardroom is situated on Regent Street in Central London allowing you to invite your clients to a prestigious location in the capital for your meetings, however big or small. If you choose to take advantage of one of our many Virtual Office packages, you can choose from a range of packages, which offer varying amounts of access to our meeting space. As our packages allow you to use this esteemed W1 postcode as your registered office address, it creates a seamless offering from where your company is set up, to where you mail is delivered (with a mail forwarding service to fit) as well as being a physical location for your client meetings.


  1. Presentations

In addition to a regular client catch up, you may find yourself in a position where you need to give a formal presentation, or pitch an important proposal, and therefore require a suitable environment to do so.

Our meeting rooms are set up with all the features and facilities needed to give a professional and hassle-free presentation. With a capacity for up 8 people, it is the perfect space to comfortably suit small groups. We offer unlimited access to Wireless Broadband Internet, an Overhead Projector and an A1 White Board Flipchart for you to utilise for your chosen presentation format.

Crucially, your environment can shape the way your presentation is perceived. From a comfy chair to a well-lit room, your colleagues and clients are more likely to engage with your presentation if they are impressed by the professionalism of their surroundings.


  1. Hot-desking

Our boardroom is not restricted to use for meetings, the desk space is perfect for providing you with the privacy you need to carry out your work whilst in Central London. As well as taking advantage of one of our Virtual Office solutions, you can also choose to hire the boardroom for full day or half day use, or even by the hour, which is ideal for hot-desking between meetings.

Meeting room hire central london regent street

Meeting room hire central london regent street

How to get started…

Our meeting room space can be hired on a flexible basis as and when you need it, meaning you have the option to use the space without the need to be tied in to a contract.

However, the best way to make the most of the boardroom is through one of our monthly Virtual Office packages which can include a mail forwarding and telephone answering service, as well as allocated use of the boardroom at extremely competitive rates.

Our packages have a set number of meeting room slots available for you to take advantage of on a monthly basis, whilst still being able to add on additional meeting days, or pay by the hour at your convenience.

Whatever your requirements, Hold Everything can offer you a flexible package to suit. See more here https://www.hold-everything.com/hire-meeting-rooms-uk/

How to successfully run a Virtual Office…

virtual office boardroom table on beach, working remotely from home or on holiday

Virtual Office is the future. Numerous studies and articles have reported a rise in productivity for your employees and positive results for businesses who choose to operate outside of a traditional work environment. In other words, if you’re running a Virtual Office then ‘you’ are the future.

To those used to a conventional business set up, Virtual Office can be daunting. So here are some helpful hints and tips on how to successfully run a Virtual Office and most importantly how to make the most of it.

One of the key benefits of a Virtual Office solution is the ability to employ a diverse and talented workforce. Without the constraints of specificlocation, you can hire your employees from anywhere in the country, allowing you to pick the most qualified and enthusiatic rather than the most convenient.

So you’ve got your extended team of skilled individuals spread across the country, now the first challenge:

How do you manage your team?

First and foremost Virtual Office is all about social collaboration. Communications channels such as Skype, FaceTime, Google hangouts and other online instant messaging platforms are a fantastic way to keep in touch with your team. Although Virtual Office allows a flexible working approach it is important that you are still seen as the boss. Confirm some ground rules for your staff with a regular scheduled catch up using a platform of your choice. This allows you to keep on track of their goals, progress and keep connected to your employees.

Another key tool for a successful Virtual Office business is using an appropriate file sharing service. The emergence of cloud hosting platforms has allowed businesses to share and update documents in real time without the need of single server. All you need is an internet connection and employees from around the country can be sharing and working on the same documents, therefore keeping up to date and on track with your schedule. This allows you as the business owner to track progress within a common area.

Keeping up appearances

Although Virtual Office is all the rage, the concept of running your business from home can be seen as unprofessional and associated to less established businesses. To make the most of your Virtual Office you can utilise the registered London address on Regent Street as your offical business contact. Not only can you use the address but you will also have a dedicated London telephone number for your company. This gives off a professional vibe to potential clients putting their mind at ease that the business is both recognised and trustworthy.

You then need to use the service to your advantage clearly setting out a guide for mail forwarding, so all your business mail can be sorted through and sent on to an address of your choice. Hold Everything also offers a telephone answering service, this means not only do you have a London number to use but your virtual assistant will answer the phone on behalf of your company, take messages and direct important calls on to the correct contact. This means you will never miss a call again and save critical time getting distracted by sales calls.

Many people think that running a business from home can only related to a one-man job however I hope to have shown how Virtual Office gives a solution for all companies, big or small, with benefits to cost, flexibility and efficiency when managed well to make the most of your Virtual Office package.

How can a virtual office improve your business?

With the need to save on expenditure and with opportunities of growth now difficult to come by in the business world, many businesses are starting to consider the use of a virtual office instead of renting an expensive office space. However the shift away from a traditional office is not only being taken by businesses wanting to save money. A virtual office, in particular one with a prestigious address can really add value to your business and dramatically change the perception that customers, clients and shareholders have of your company. Here are some of the main ways a virtual office can help your business:

  • With a prestigious UK address in central London or the surrounding areas, your business will appear more credible to clients and potential customers which will help you gain a competitive advantage in your market place.
  • Mail forwarding which is included in a complete virtual office service means mail can be forwarded to anywhere in the world and is hassle free for the receiving business, ensuring they can concentrate on issues that matter.
  • Professional telephone answering services will ensure your business presents a respectable and professional contactable service to customers and clients while saving business employees time and hassle. A personalised central London telephone number can help enhance this credibility.

In you are interested in any of the virtual office services listed above for your business, or would like more information contact Hold Everything.

The Real Advantages of Having a Registered Address and Mail Forwarding

A Registered address is especially useful to small and new businesses. If you are a sole trader working from home, you may require a prestigious registered address to go on public records. Or if your UK business is run by overseas citizens it would be important, as having an official UK registered address is a legal requirement.

Having a registered address is your opportunity to have the address that your company deserves, but without all the bills that it would normally cost you. Using the virtual office as your registered address gives you the option to chose your ideal London Postcode, E14(Canary Wharf) or W1 (London’s West end) and London number, whilst having the freedom and low costs of working from home.

With the registered address we offer a mail forwarding service to make sure that you get all your mail that is sent to your registered address. A mail forwarding service is perfect for anyone who is working from home or in the process of changing location. Check out our different mail forwarding options.

You can use your registered address on mail, business cards and emails and it will say a lot about your business, by standing you out from competitors and impressing your clients. Contact Hold Everything to find out more.

The Top 5 Reasons for Using a Virtual Office

There are many reasons why you might decide to opt for a virtual office rather than a physical office and the benefit of being able to choose your address for a low cost is a major advantage for any business.

These are the top 5 reasons why many businesses choose to register a virtual office:

  1. Flexibility
  2. With a virtual office in place, you can work from home or while travelling abroad and there is no need to commute for yourself or your workers.

  3. Customer Support Services
  4. Our virtual office packages can include telephone answering and mail forwarding services, which are ideal for freelancers or those based abroad. Also available from our main website is our popular courier service in London – which can save you as much as 50% compared to other courier services.

  5. A  Professional Image
  6. You can maintain a professional image for your business by using an office address based in the heart of London. This can also make your business appear larger than it is – which is especially useful for entrepreneurs and individuals.

  7. No Overheads
  8. Apart from the fee you pay for your virtual office, you do not have to pay the utility bills, rent or for office equipment and furniture that would be associated with a physical office.

  9. An Exclusive Address
  10. You can put your business on the map in an exclusive area of London, where rent or travel costs might otherwise be prohibitive. Our business can provide a London W1 virtual office address, but other virtual office locations are available.

Contact us today at Hold Everything by calling 0800 0087244 to discuss your virtual office options and prices (starting from just £0.19p a day).