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The Real Advantages of Having a Registered Address and Mail Forwarding

A Registered address is especially useful to small and new businesses. If you are a sole trader working from home, you may require a prestigious registered address to go on public records. Or if your UK business is run by overseas citizens it would be important, as having an official UK registered address is a legal requirement.

Having a registered address is your opportunity to have the address that your company deserves, but without all the bills that it would normally cost you. Using the virtual office as your registered address gives you the option to chose your ideal London Postcode, E14(Canary Wharf) or W1 (London’s West end) and London number, whilst having the freedom and low costs of working from home.

With the registered address we offer a mail forwarding service to make sure that you get all your mail that is sent to your registered address. A mail forwarding service is perfect for anyone who is working from home or in the process of changing location. Check out our different mail forwarding options.

You can use your registered address on mail, business cards and emails and it will say a lot about your business, by standing you out from competitors and impressing your clients. Contact Hold Everything to find out more.

The Top 5 Reasons for Using a Virtual Office

There are many reasons why you might decide to opt for a virtual office rather than a physical office and the benefit of being able to choose your address for a low cost is a major advantage for any business.

These are the top 5 reasons why many businesses choose to register a virtual office:

  1. Flexibility
  2. With a virtual office in place, you can work from home or while travelling abroad and there is no need to commute for yourself or your workers.

  3. Customer Support Services
  4. Our virtual office packages can include telephone answering and mail forwarding services, which are ideal for freelancers or those based abroad. Also available from our main website is our popular courier service in London – which can save you as much as 50% compared to other courier services.

  5. A  Professional Image
  6. You can maintain a professional image for your business by using an office address based in the heart of London. This can also make your business appear larger than it is – which is especially useful for entrepreneurs and individuals.

  7. No Overheads
  8. Apart from the fee you pay for your virtual office, you do not have to pay the utility bills, rent or for office equipment and furniture that would be associated with a physical office.

  9. An Exclusive Address
  10. You can put your business on the map in an exclusive area of London, where rent or travel costs might otherwise be prohibitive. Our business can provide a London W1 virtual office address, but other virtual office locations are available.

Contact us today at Hold Everything by calling 0800 0087244 to discuss your virtual office options and prices (starting from just £0.19p a day).