Telephone Answering Service

Telephone answering is an important service for those of us who want to concentrate on running their business. Missing a call could mean missing a sale plus many prospective customers will not ring back after a preliminary missed call. At the same time you won’t be able to build your business if you are constantly being interrupted by a ringing phone. Having a telephone answering service and using a central London telephone number will give off a prestigious impression whilst allowing you to call back your prospective and existing clients when convenient for you.We offer a range of bespoke telephone answering services with a package to suit all requirements.
  • Multiple locations?
  • Sales staff out on the road?
  • Reception costs that need reducing?
  • To build credibility for your company?
  • To impress clients with a Central London phone number?
  • Callers to speak to a receptionist first?
  • To avoid sales & marketing calls?


  • Always on the move?
  • Unable to answer calls all the time?
  • Missing calls when you are out?
  • Uncomfortable with your clients being greeted by an answer phone?
With our telephone answering service, Hold Everything are able to facilitate your companies call answering requirements regardless of the size of your organisation.
We provide telephone answering services for businesses ranging from large multiple location enterprises, to sales based organisations with staff on the move, as well as for small independent businesses and sole traders.
All calls to your virtual office telephone answering service are answered in your company name as per your instructions.
For more information, contact us on 0800 0087244