Terms and Conditions of HOLD EVERYTHING

Service Conditions 

  1. In these conditions ‘the company’ shall mean Cooper Davis Associates Ltd and its trading name known as HOLD EVERYTHING and the customer shall mean the person named in the section 1 on the application form.
  2. The duty owed by the Company to the Customer shall consist of either of or all of the following services: (a) The receiving from the Post Office Authorities of letters addressed to the Customer and either arranging for the collection thereof by the Customer from the Company’s premises during normal office hours or posting same to the Customer.  Such alternative to be in  the sole discretion of the Company, and (b) The taking of telephone messages intended for the Customer and the transmission to the Customer of such telephone messages whether by fax or telephone, fax post or hand as the Company shall in its absolute discretion select, and (c) The transmission of outgoing and/or fax messages supplied by the Customer and the receiving of incoming and/or fax messages intended for the Customer and the passing on to the Customer of such incoming fax messages whether by telephone, fax, post or hand as the Company shall in its absolute discretion select.
  3. The Customer agrees with the Company not to carry-on any business which could be construed, conceived or interpreted by the Company or any other party as illegal, defamatory, immoral or obscene and agrees with the Company not to use the address and/or telephone and fax numbers of the Company nor the offices of the Company, whether directly or indirectly, for any such purpose or purposes as aforesaid.
  4. The Customer agrees not to send or deliver or cause to be sent or to be delivered to the Company’s premises any noxious, harmful, illegal, immoral deteriorating, dangerous or bulky material object or thing and in the event of the same being so sent or delivered, the rights of the Company shall be as contained in Clause 6 of these conditions.
  5. The Company shall be entitled to refuse to accept any parcel, chattel, packet or other object other than letters addressed to the Customer unless previous written arrangements have been entered into by the Customer and agreed in writing by the Company.
  6. In the event of an ordinary parcel, chattel packet or other object other than letters addressed to the Customer being delivered at the Company’s address, the Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever either to the sender or to the Customer or to anyone else. In the event of the Customer failing to remove same within one month from receiving Notice thereof (of which an email to the email address given on the application form  shall be deemed sufficient Notice) then the Company shall be empowered to deal with the same as it thinks fit.
  7. The Company shall be entitled to charge the Customer handling and storage charges for any parcel, chattel, packet or other object received and/or stored at the Company’s address for the Customer if stored for more than 72 hours after notification by email. This fee shall be £5.00/day plus VAT
  8. The Customer agrees not to advertise the telephone or fax number of the Company without first obtaining the consent of the Company. Should the Customer do so a charge of £25.00 plus VAT will be invoiced.
  9. Regarding Mail and/or Telephone, Fax Services, the Agreement relates solely to Mail and Messages addressed to the Principal, Firm, Customer or Company named in the application form attached herewith.
  10. The Customer hereby agrees that the Company may use its discretion as to whether or not it discloses the Customer’s private address to. The Company is legally bound to disclose to enforcement agencies where they have the applicable powers. The Company also has the right to open client correspondence as it sees fit. The Company does not sell its data to any third parties and is licenced under the Data Protection Act
  11. The Customer shall reimburse the Company immediately for all sums of money expended by the Company pursuant to the Agreement itself or in connection with the sending to the Customer of any letter(s), message(s) and in connection with any other services used.
  12. The Customer will fully indemnify the Company against any expenses, costs, claims, damages or penalties incurred by the Company in connection with this Agreement howsoever occasioned including through defamation, suing or being sued as a result of the breach whatsoever and howsoever committed by the Customer or any third parties.
  13. In the event of the Customer failing to discharge any of his liabilities to the Company within one week of such payment becoming due the Customer hereby empowers the Company to retain any correspondence and any article(s) belonging to the Customer until he makes the payment owing by him to the Company.
  14. The company will NOT return any mail whilst you are a fully paid up client. The minimum age to acquire a mailing address is 16 and this must be proved. The company is responsible for the website and contents.
  15. It is also declared that the Company shall have a general lien on all belongings of the Customer that may be on the Company’s premises and/or for all moneys owing by the Customer to the Company on any account whatsoever. The customer can only start utilising the service once they have supplied all relevant documents.
  16. The agreement between the Company and the Customer is subject to written Notice of termination to be given by either party and to expire at any time one month after sending the same in a prepaid envelope addressed by the Customer to the Company or by the Company to the Customer respectively.
  17. In the event of a breach by the Customer of any of the above conditions the Company may terminate this Agreement forthwith without any explanation whatsoever as to reasons by sending written notice of such termination to the Customer of which a prepaid letter addressed to the Customer at his last known address shall be deemed sufficient notice.
  18. The Limit of the liability of the Company in respect of any act, omission, neglect, delay or default by it or by its servants or agents whether by way of the Law of Contract and/or by way of liability for negligence shall not exceed five (5)  pounds.
  19. The Customer will supply within 31 days of signing the Application form & these Terms & Conditions any such documentation that the Company requires to support the Governments Anti Money Laundering Regulations and the London Local Authorities Act 2007 which Hold Everything is registered with. MLR Certificate Number 12309433 & LLA registration number 048. Failure to supply the requested documentation will result in the Customer’s account being closed down by the Company and no refund will be applicable.

I/We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of HOLD EVERYTHING as overleaf


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