The cheapest way to get your business on the map

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  • Post published:December 21, 2015
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Choosing to run your own business can be a daunting prospect, with numerous new considerations, risks and uncertainties around every corner. Whether you are a start-up or you have an established business, running costs are still a key concern and a savvy business owner will always be on the lookout for the cheapest solution for your business essentials.

In recent years we’ve seen the cost of office space rising, especially in the most desirable areas of the UK such as London. This means choosing to rent or buy office space is a huge financial burden as well as a big risk for a business owner. However, Virtual Office provides an alternative solution to purchasing physical office space, providing a registered office address for your company without the requirements of being permanently based in the building. A Virtual Office alternative is not only the cheapest option, but has the lowest risk factor for your business.

To better understand the benefits of choosing to save with a Virtual Office solution, we have put together a summary of 3 key perks that Virtual Office can offer you and your business:

1. Establishing your company with Virtual Office

Gaining the trust of potential clients is a difficult task especially for a new business venture or for those who run a business from home. When looking for a business or service to use, clients want to feel reassured that the company is both professional and reliable. Choosing a Virtual Office package from Hold Everything allows you to benefit from a premium registered office address on Regent Street in London – the cheapest way to gain a W1 postcode. Something as simple as your company address can instil confidence in potential clients who may have had doubts if your business instead used an ambiguous or rural home address.

2. Contemporary, Flexible and Motivated

Virtual Office has become increasingly popular among businesses who are changing the way they work inline with the modern business world. As well as the expense associated with hiring an office space you also tie your staff in to travelling to a particular location everyday and working within the boundaries of the office hours. With digital messaging and remote conferences being a common and successful way of running meetings, businesses are open to hiring people from locations across the world allowing them to work flexible hours and from the comfort of their own homes. This leads to not only the ability to recruit the most highly skilled staff force, but also results in those staff members being highly motivated, hard-working and grateful for the flexible opportunity. Creating a stronger work-life balance can result in happier and therefore more productive employees for your business. Ensuring the cheapest business solution with Virtual Office allows you to spend money on staff training and incentives to create a team you can be proud of.

3. The perfect package for you

Our Virtual Office packages do not just come as a one size fits all option. Instead you can choose a combination of added services to best suit your company. We offer services such as a telephone answering service with a dedicated virtual receptionist, and mail forwarding to a UK address or with the option to redirect your mail internationally. In addition, we have an exceptional boardroom at our Regent Street address which is available to use for those important business meetings and comes with all the essential equipment you may need. Our available packages all include your premium registered office address and it is quick and easy to get started.

In summary, Virtual Office is one of the cheapest ways to get your company recognised and established in the business world. So make sure you are financially savvy, modern and flexible, and use Virtual Office to put your business in the best possible position for a successful future.