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Our Superb Virtual London Office Address is a Bargain in 2021

Virtual London Office Address – why you need it.

Every business deserves to have a good business address or suite. It sets that business apart from its competitors. It becomes an instant recognition point when you see the address on a brochure, letter or even a website. The trouble is many businesses are in rented premises where in theory they could be throwing away their bricks and mortar investment every month as they move about with their mobile phone number. However, there is a simple solution – get your own virtual London office address and save money whilst giving a great first impression.

At Hold Everything, the virtual office company based on London’s prestigious Regent Street, we are advised frequently by our clients that the power of our virtual London office address hold immense benefit to their products and services.

For many companies, small or large, having a virtual London address holds great value. But you’ll pay a hefty price and expensive overheads to acquire one, hidden costs that are not considered like business rates can make or break the decision. That’s why using a Virtual Office that provides a Central London postcode like ours at Hold Everything can give you exactly what you require.


First and Lasting Impressions

The location of your business is extremely important when it comes to impressing clients and potential business leads. For international clients, London is a massive but to be based on one of the best known roads will carry the assurance to the customer that the company they are working with are reputable

London is a global city and as the UK’s capital city it is in the focus of the world’s biggest economies along with being home to a number of major Multi-national Corporations, worldwide brands and entrepreneurs. By acquiring an ‘office’ in Central London it can offer you many advantages such as:

  • Credibility – if you are looking at the address of a business and it provides a London address, immediately there are suggestions of wealth and business expertise.
  • Prestige and perception- the prestige of the virtual office address betray the perception of the business so when someone sees a London postcode they happen to trust it more and it is looked upon more highly as London destinations are serious and significant.

virtual london office address


Virtual London Office Address

Using a Virtual Office, offers more than just an address to use; it comes with many other perks that can help you build your business and achieve its full potential. London is a key place for start-ups and by starting with the use of a London address it is the right sort of climate to help create your success, and for growing businesses who want to base themselves in the capital but still working to establish their company. By choosing to use our W1 address we offer services that help support your ambitions and ideas such as;

  • Our meeting room hire, which will allow you the use of professional space to hold meetings with clients and give the illusion this, is your physical office.
  • A London telephone number- You can enjoy the ‘0207’ telephone code without having to pay for large physical overheads.
  • Telephone answering service will create a strong, professional business aura.

All in all businesses will not be made or broken by the virtual office address it chooses, but by choosing to use a London postcode it has seen great advantages and it can defiantly help to get people through the door and make an impact on your potential customers and clients.

Robert Hicks of SendIt Express who uses Hold Everything as his registered office and base for his International Courier business said, “Having the whole of London available to me through my Regent Street address is a vast help in getting through the door, being central helps with meetings and carries weight and assurance for us as a company”

Richard Cooper of Hold Everything is regularly advised by clients that they have secured contracts worth thousands of pounds that maybe they wouldn’t have if their company stationery didn’t say Regent Street.

So we ask, does the Power of YOUR virtual office address give you that respectability, presence and secure the emotion of you have the best address?