While good old-­‐fashioned face-­‐to-­‐face meetings used to rule the business world, such an extravagance is becoming something of a rare occurrence. Cometh the digital era armed with conference calls, remote access IT, hot desking and more, the emphasis has turned to online networking. However, one thing remains important for the reputation of a business and that is how your perceived status reflects credibility, professionalism and prestige, and this why owning virtual office space is more relevant today than ever before.

Financial Gains

Our virtual office space solutions are suitable for a range of businesses, large or small, who would want to gain the benefits of a London W1 postcode, without the expense of physically leasing and maintaining a full time dedicated office in the high-­‐end (and high-­‐priced!) location of Regent Street.

The recession has seen a rise in young entrepreneurs and individuals running businesses remotely from home or from small office locations. There is a necessity for professionals to be savvy and place their business in the best position to get the benefits of a prestigious location in the most cost-­‐effective way.

The registered central London address and accompanying London telephone number are a major benefit to small start up companies and independent business owners who can gain a head start in the market from the professional image the virtual office address provides.

Personal Gains

Not only does the virtual office address allow your company to significantly lower overheads, but also provides busy business professionals with a solution to spending unnecessary hours commuting with the flexibility to work from home. Having more quality time at home with the people that are most important to you can make a real difference to your personal wellbeing and lifestyle, which has been shown to have a positive effect on your business life – it’s all about balance!

What Else?

Telephone answering services

With single or multiple remote work addresses our telephone answering service (to your dedicated London telephone number) allows you to centralise your incoming business calls. Callers receive a professional service which redirects calls to the appropriate contact with the option to maximise the company efficiency by filtering out sales calls. Again this is a bespoke service, which will be tailored to your individual company requirements.

Mail Forwarding

In addition we offer a bespoke mail forwarding service for your private and professional mail, allowing you to choose both the method and frequency your mail, parcels and packages are sent to suit your specific requirements.

Office Space

While face-­‐to-­‐face meetings are indeed increasingly rare, they are yet to become extinct. So you may be thinking, how do you utilise your ‘virtual’ space when a client wants a direct meeting? Even if it is only once in a blue moon! In addition to using your registered London address as a virtual office, with a package from Hold Everything you will have the flexibility to hold business meetings in a physical meeting space on Regent Street. Our prestigious London boardroom allows you to hold a meeting at your registered London address, keeping up the appearance of your office location with a real central London presence.

But what if I get ‘found out’?

Virtual office is a sophisticated form of business management, and rather than being perceived as a deceptive marketing tool, it is viewed as both a clever and sensible solution to unnecessary business costs. Clients and professionals will be impressed by a company that does not settle for the norm but looks to utilise methods which produce a professional, efficient and successful business.

So with pros that highly outweigh the cons, see what a virtual office solution from Hold Everything can do for your business today!