Virtual Office in Central London

With our Virtual Office in Central London, you can take advantage of having a Central London address without the inherent costs involved with operating out of London. A virtual office in London’s Regent Street will give your business an image that is unrivalled. Our service allows you to keep your overheads down whilst maintaining a professional appearance for your clients.

Virtual office in central london
Apple Computer Store on London’s Regent Street

Imagine, on your doorstep, your clients will see the flagship stores for leading brand names such as Apple Computers and Nike.  Consider it like strolling into a bar in the company of Tom Cruise or Harry Kane.  Their glamour will rub off on you and your own brand.  Certainly, an office address on Regent Street will enhance your reputation and help give your company identity a ‘star’ quality’

Typical Clients Who use a Virtual Office in Central London

Let us give you a real-life example of a typical client at Hold Everything.  Robert has just set up as an international headhunter specialising in the engineering sector with a potential client base in Europe and the Middle East.  Prior to this, Robert was an executive at a well-known recruitment consultancy.  He realised just how important it was to make a potential recruit feel comfortable and reassured to work with him.

His own home office was out in Kent so it was essential that he had a foothold in central London so that he could meet potential clients who live on busy schedules.   Robert prefers that we answer his phone for him and he has carefully briefed our specialist secretarial team on how to best accomplish this.  We were able to allocate Robert a dedicated telephone number so that calls are answered with his company name.

This makes a suitable impression if you are a potential client calling from overseas.   They might never actually visit Regent Street but by using a virtual office in central London, Robert has made it clear that that is where he has his main office.  Regent Street is one of the most famous street names in the world and Mayfair is the most prestigious of neighbourhoods to be located.

susan in her virtual office in central london
Working from home with a young family.

Let us consider another typical scenario.  Susan is an aspiring literary agent, she worked for many years at some of the most well-known publishing houses.  She always yearned to start her own business and then, when she started a family she realised it was the perfect time to cut loose on her own.  Although Susan didn’t need to be in central London every day she needed to have a firm foot in the metropolis.  Hold Everything provided this for her.

She could work comfortably from home and keep an eye on her children and avoid all the costs of child care and she could add to this a luxurious central London office base without paying vast sums in the rental.   Visiting publishers can meet Susan at our customised board room to discuss contracts in peace and security and if Susan needs to send a hard copy of a document to a client she can pass it to us to handle.

Maybe you can see yourself as a ‘Robert’ or a ‘Susan’ they are very typical of the clients who have learned to rely on us for more than 30 years.  You could well be our next star example, even if you work from a converted garage or in your fancy shepherd’s hut you can project a professional image to the world whilst you push your way to the top in your chosen niche.  We are there to give you support and guidance and often introduce you to other clients who can be of use to you.

How does it work?

Setting up a virtual office in Central London is a very straightforward process.  In fact, it is so easy you will kick yourself for not having done it before.

  1. Select one of our packages
  2. Fill in our welcome forms
  3. Begin operating from your new London Virtual Office address!


When a prospective customer forms an impression of your company, your address is one of the most important aspects they will look at. An impressive address will make your business look more professional, established and successful.

virtual office in central london

Our clients range from a variety of backgrounds and industries. We have a range of packages that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you are an accountant or a private tutor or maybe a freelance web designer you will be in excellent company.  With so many freelancers moving away from London during the COVID pandemic you will join a trend that has been identified by all the media in recent months.

Our staff offer a professional and friendly telephone answering service as well as a daily forwarding of mail available depending upon your needs. You can make use of a central London telephone number to give your business a full makeover. Remember the old adage – you only have one chance to make a first impression – choosing Hold Everything as your virtual office in central London you make the very best impression you can on potential clients and associates.

One of our most popular services is being able to hire a meeting room for an hour or a day. The boardroom/meeting room comes equipped with everything you could possibly need to impress clients or associates.  All you have to supply is the biscuits!  We even have an app on our site that lets you book your meeting room slot instantly so that you can schedule your meetings wherever you are.

virtual office in central london

We are continuously adding premium services to our virtual office in central London – for example, we have recently set up our companion business ‘Send Everything’ which, as its name implies is a slick, fast worldwide courier service.  You just tell us what you want to send and we will quote the best possible price and handle all the paperwork and administration for you.

Choosing Us as Your Virtual Office in Central London.

At Hold Everything we will act as your virtual office. We can offer you a vast range of services which include:

Together we will specifically adapt a package that suits your business requirements allowing you to optimise our services, raise your business profile and ultimately enhance your business propositions. Whether you are a big multi-national brand name needing a London presence or a small independent start-up looking for a virtual office in central London, we can accommodate you with a range of services. Having been established and based in Regent Street for over 30 years, we have the expertise to provide a solution that suits you. For further information please contact 0800 0087244