The days are long gone when employees had unlimited expense accounts.  These days everything has to be accounted for and justified.  This doesn’t mean that your trips will be less exciting or indulgent, it just means that you should plan a bit  ore and spend company money as it was your own.  If you are running a small business it is, of course, your own money so what we suggest will be even more relevant.  Even simple tricks like grabbing some extra hard boiled eggs from the hotel breakfast buffet to snack on in the car rather than drop £15 at a motorway cafe.  Protein snack bars are another recommended way to save on out-of-pocket expenses.  Personally I buy protein meal bars in boxes of 12 from Amazon and leave them in the car.

Air BnB is another godsend especially if you are staying for a few night in a city.  You can even get to feel more ‘local’ which is much nicer than being just another  business visitor checking into a Mercure or Holiday Inn.  I make a point of stocking up on basics like Nescafe and croissants from a local supermarket so I can have a comfortable breakfast in the apartment rather than paying over the odds for a hotel buffet that is overloaded with foods that add weight to my waist and take cash from my pocket.

Keep an eye on hotel booking sites like and for last minute deals on rooms.  They also list airbnb style lodgings.  Some of these apartment-hotels have some handy facilities such as a gym and concierge but work out cheaper than regular hotels.

Airlines are another area where the savvy traveller can save money on trips.  I usually start by looking on the site which is an excellent flight comparison engine  and shows helpful routings that can work out cheaper.  Once I have found an airline listing that looks good value I head to the airline site and check their prices, they can be sometimes cheaper but also that don’t always show the same availability.  Even if you are flying at the wrong end of the aircraft you can upgrade your flying experience considerably by booking a lounge entry with one of the services online.  For £24 I get a great lounge at Gatwick with a buffet and drinks and they include a £5 voucher for priority check in.  That way I get a business class start to the trip which brightens up an economy ticket.

Watch our video below to see these and other business travel ideas.