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Identity Theft – What is it & Ways to prevent it


What is identity theft?

With increased public awareness in the area of identity theft we look at what is actually involved, how it can affect you, and what you can do the prevent it.

Identity theft involves another person stealing your personal information and using it without consent and for their own personal gain. This could involve, for example, credit card fraud, cyber-crimes, and even entering a country illegally. This could unfortunately, leave you, the victim, with many issues and consequences.   Serious problems may arise such as low  credit rating , being rejected for mortgages and loans and even being refused a phone contract.  Even though you are the innocent victim your personal credit may be impaired for up to 6 years.



Ways to prevent identity theft?

Many people create a UK Limited company automatically using their home address as the Registered Office. This will always create a situation where that information stays on the public register at Companies House and is easily accessible to the public. By using your home address you potentially leave yourself, and those who also occupy the residence, in danger and more exposed to identity theft, robberies and even stalking. Once your name is found your date of birth is not hard to detect through social media, and then access to your property title deeds is simply a few clicks away.

Preventing this is simple: register your UK Limited company with a virtual office! Your business registered office and/or correspondence address will be attached to our Regent Street virtual office. Thus ensuring this public register is one area that you have excluded your personal information from.



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What preventative measures do Hold Everything take?

When clients sign up to our London Virtual office on Regent Street they know their identity and information is safe with us as discretion is part of our package. It is made clear in our terms and conditions that we do not disclose client information to any third parties unless served by an official government body.

Our 38-year existence is down to good teamwork and terrific client support with the aim to ensure our clients have the protection that a renowned virtual office offers. The Hold Everything owner, Richard, explains that “it takes years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it”, and that’s why we take the whole subject very seriously and look to protect our clients details in every way possible.

We spoke to Bennett Arron, Comedian and Identity Theft Expert about this subject, he said

“I lost everything through Identity Theft, so the consequences can be devastating. Tangible items are replaceable, your name is not”. If you don’t believe me, ask Bennett Arron”

Bennett Arron, Comedian and Identity Theft Expert

Twitter: @bennettarron


His book, a true, disturbing, yet funny account of Identity theft is available here:


Hold Everything Director, Richard Cooper together with company Compliance Officer Bev Lanning have read this book and highly recommend it.