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Secrets to Scaling Your Business Online

As the year draws to a close many would be entrepreneurs stare out of their office windows and wonder how they can really make 2020 the online success they dream it could be, finally breaking through that barrier between good idea and serious money.  It isn’t easy but if you go about starting and scaling your business correctly you can succeed.
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Top tier influencers with substantial followings are now raking in a whopping $100,000 per sponsored post. Online platforms are as lucrative as they are important for customer engagement. And, believe it or not, they’re continuing to grow.

According to Brand Watch, even though there are 3.5 billion social media users in the world, another newcomer creates an account every 6.4 seconds. With almost everyone online — and with that number growing daily — the sheer potential of your online platform for building a business or sharing your message should not be taken lightly.

There is, however, a fly in the ointment: the competition is fierce. Every man and his dog is running around chasing their customer base.. But, don’t be downhearted here are some helpful suggestions to put you on the road to success.

1. Content is always king.

It can be discouraging when you keep posting content and nothing seems to take off. The secret is to just keep going! Case Kenny is the host of the “New Mindset, Who Dis?” podcast. It found success initially, but several months in, he wasn’t hitting the download numbers he was looking for, which was frustrating for him. Now, his podcast has hit close to 2 million downloads.

There are many such cases and if you google around you will see lots of inspirational stories to get you excited and inspired. Follow the IM gurus like Alex Becker or Joel Comm and they will put some entrepreneurial fire in your belly

2. Go big or go home in scaling your business.

Peter Pru, the founder of ECommerce Empire Builders, learned all about scaling an online ecommerce platform through dropshipping. “It takes money to make money,” Pru said. He encourages anyone who needs to work part-time or even a full-time job to fund their business to do it. “Almost every startup needs money to begin, so you have to be willing to do what it takes to earn that money so you can invest in yourself and your business.”

Investing in a publicist who can get you media exposure or a social media strategist who can help grow your platform is a great use of funds to get you started. Whatever you do, do not invest in buying fake followers. These will hurt your engagement rate and can be very obvious to new potential followers who can come across your page.

3. Tracking is vital to stay on top..

Whichever online platforms you use, it’s crucial to take stock on what’s working and what isn’t. Nowadays, there are a number of tracking or analysis tools to help you determine which type of content yields the highest engagement rate. The first element to look at is which social media pages drive the most traffic to your website. Many experts recommend using Google Analytics to evaluate this. Personally I prefer the Crowdfire App but Google Analytics is free and well structured. For example, if your Instagram is sending 18 followers a day to your page but your YouTube is only sending three, you know to focus more effort on Instagram when scaling your business-

Instagram has a built-in feature for business pages that can tell you how well your post does. When you click “View Insights” on a certain post, you’ll be able to see the number of impressions and compare it to the number of engagements (likes and comments).  The next step is to use the data you derive from these analytics to pivot in your strategies moving forward, so you’re always doing what drives the most engagement.

4. Sharing & caring your way to success.

A key part of scaling your platform further — especially once you’re confident on what content performs best — is heightening your content’s exposure to other audiences. Finding creators who post similar content to what you post is a great way to expand your reach. Consider reaching out to other influencers on the platform you use most frequently and asking to collaborate or share each other’s posts.

A good rule of thumb here is to approach other creators with a similar number of followers to you so that you can do more of a “trade” rather than paying for the exposure. The Social Media Examiner shares that some potential opportunities for these collaborations include co-created content or product co-branding, such as launching a joint online course with another creator who shares the same expertise that you do.

Scaling an online platform is more of an art than a science, but these must-know secrets will help you direct your strategies so you can start scaling more, faster.

So as you can see the route to your brighter future requires a roadmap and some funding but the online market will carry on growing for years to come so you are building for a future that is really out there.  Like many entrepreneurs before you, having a managed virtual office is a great way to control office rental expenses until the moment you can actually rent an entire floor at a smart city office block or a cool warehouse in Shad Thames.