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The what, how and why of virtual office

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  • Post published:January 11, 2016
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You have most likely heard the term ‘virtual office’ being used quite frequently in the business world, but may not have managed to truly grasp the concept. To help you out, here’s our quick guide to the what, how and why of virtual office.

What is virtual office?

Virtual office is a business location which only exists ‘virtually’.

But what does this mean…? A virtual office setup allows business owners and their employees to work together in a collaborative digital space whilst based in any location in the world without the requirement of a fixed office space. Businesses can utilise modern technology from emails and teleconferences to cloud servers and Skype to not only work together as a team, but also work with clients and hold digital meetings.

How to run your business with a virtual office?

When your office is operating in a purely virtual environment, the question falls to how you can continue functioning like a normal business. This is where the virtual office services of Hold Everything come in to play. By providing your business with a registered office address that offers a bespoke mail forwarding service you can retain the perception of a singular stable base for your business, where mail is sorted and forwarded on within the UK or internationally.

You can also take advantage of services such as a virtual receptionist who will answer calls in the name of your company and pass them on to the correct person within your business. Your receptionist will answer every call and pass on messages when you are unavailable. This means you can avoid any awkward situations of unanswered calls or missed messages which could occur away from a set working environment

Whilst running your business as a virtual office you can also utilise meeting rooms when you need to meet with a client face-to-face. Hold Everything have a range of functional boardrooms for hire equipped with all your business essentials.

Most importantly… Why should you choose virtual office?

There are many different reasons why businesses are choosing a virtual office solution. Many businesses in the modern world lend themselves to operating in a virtual environment, with clients and employees spread far and wide. This allows staff to be hired around the world and flexible working hours and locations to be offered up.

A virtual office means there is no need for daily commuting. This can mean employees are gaining precious hours that would have been spent on trains, helping the environment by reducing pollution or saving money on transport and parking. The time saved means yourself and your employees can enjoy a better work/life balance leading to a happier and more productive team environment.

The money you will save on office expenses can make all the difference to a start up business where choosing to sign a lease or get a mortgage for an office space can be a daunting experience. Virtual office is the cheapest way to run your business, whilst not compromising on quality or performance. A tailored registered office address from Hold Everything could also enhance the perception of your company with a London address on Regent Street being held in high regard by potential clients.

With the additional services provided by Hold Everything, choosing a virtual office setup does not have to limit your functionality as a business, but instead gives you a new found flexibility which may not be possible in a restricted office environment.

So, in a nutshell that is the what, how and why of virtual office, for any other questions get in touch or explore our packages to see how virtual office can work for your business.