Message from The team at Hold Everything – Virtual Office Address in Regent Street, London

This week sees the team expand and we welcome Mollie to the company.

Mollie graduated from the University of Kent in July 2016 with a 2.1 in Criminology. She is here to assist the team with a focus on Compliance, her studies should help with this area and she will also be regularly assisting the social media team and here’s her first blog.

 Virtual office became my reality.

 My life has changed dramatically in the past six months. I have gone from a university student: working hard and hardly working, with the hopes of passing my exams and dissertation with flying colours, and having hopes of travelling the world and partaking in adventure after adventure, including lying on white sandy beaches drinking smoothies and cocktails throughout the day, and of course seeing the sights. To a post-graduate who moved back home with my parents and got a part time job to fill the time and fill my pockets. However, a few months down the line reality set in, and I found myself thinking ‘this part time work life of being a waitress and cleaning up after people is not all I thought it would be’. The lie in may have been a significant pro, but the pay and the lack of brain cells being stimulated were a HUGE con. I assumed after five or six months and I would be ready to take off for adventure and not look back, but then I got to thinking: why do I have to go now? Why not wait, acquire some life and work experience, get older get wiser and then go.

So when the opportunity arose to work full-time in a prestigious virtual office company based in the centre of the London, the city I am lucky enough to call home I did not hesitate. So now I sit at my desk in my new office, with my new colleagues, listening to the sound of the London’s Regent Street hustle and bustle blaring through the window, and I am really enjoying it (so far! It’s my second day – I’ll let you know). However, whilst starting a new job, joining the work force and becoming a professional is exciting, it is also scary and nerve racking too. On your first day your quiet and shy and at first you feel like a helpless puppy waiting for people to tell you what to do and hovering around anything and anyone that may make you understand what is going on. The overload of information is a lot to take in, deciphering which mail forwarding service or telephone answering system certain clients chose. But as the weeks go on my responsibilities will grow and hopefully things will begin to fall into place and company names will become more familiar, and as long as the nerve endings and synapses in my brain are active I’m happy!

Working within a virtual office for just two days has opened my eyes to how the business world works. You don’t need a flamboyant or modern office to compete with the big corporations. Instead you can work from home, abroad, or even a smaller office outside of London and still be a viable contender in the world of business. Without a London address a company can possibly be seen as removed from the business hub, whilst by using a virtual office in the centre of London you achieve a perception of professionalism, expel success, and appear as a serious business contender.

My aim within the next few weeks is to have developed my knowledge on virtual offices and the positive attributes they can bring to a company, as well as working on compliance and understanding from inside the office what information and checks are needed to ensure companies can register their business with Hold Everything.

Till Next time.