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The best value virtual office packages in London

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  • Post published:March 7, 2016
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The flexible nature of a virtual office solution, gives you the opportunity to run your business from anywhere in the world and employ the most highly trained remote workforce. As a company you can gain all the benefits associated with your traditional office environment and do so for a fraction of the price.
So if you are sold on the idea of a virtual office the question is; How do you get your virtual foot in the door? And what is the ultimate package for your business?
Not only do we offer a range of packages to suit every individual business, but at Hold Everything we guarantee one of the cheapest virtual office packages solutions in London. In a ‘virtual’ nutshell here is a summary of our four main packages along with their key benefits – but remember, you can choose to select from our additional services to create your very own bespoke virtual office solution.

1. Simply Diverted Telephone
Our first package allows you to take advantage of using an allocated London 020 number for your business. You will be able to automatically set up telephone forwarding to any number of your choice, not only in the UK, but anywhere in the world. Plus, there are no hidden costs for line installation or rental, these are both included in the price.
This package is available for only £15 per month.

2. Simply Mail Hold
Our mail holding package provides your business with a prestigious Regent Street, London, W1 address to use for your company, with two individual names automatically included. Allowing you to use this address as your own lets existing and potential customers feel secure in the knowledge that your office is linked to a highly respected and central location in London.
With this package, Hold Everything will accept an unlimited amount of mail and packages on your behalf with no handling charges*. This is ideal for businesses who wish to collect their mail as and when suits, with no collection charges added on.
You can choose our mail hold package for only £15 per month.

3. Simply Mail Forwarding
As our most popular virtual office package, Simply Mail Forwarding offers all the benefits of our mail holding package, including a W1 postcode, unlimited receipt of mail and packages and no handling charges, with the additional mail forwarding service on top.
Our standard package allows your mail to be forwarded on a weekly basis to any chosen UK location, as well as having the option to collect mail instead when it best suits you.
With a starting cost of £20 per month, we offer the cheapest virtual office mail forwarding package in the London area.

4. Overseas Mail Forwarding
Our final package is ideal for overseas clients wanting a UK base for their company. If you are looking to branch in to the UK from another country, then having a well known and respected location like Regent Street, London, is even more vital to your reputation.
Our Overseas Mail Forwarding package does exactly what it says on the tin, redirecting your mail to an international address of your choice on a weekly basis.
Our international package is all yours for just £25 per month.

Added extras…
If you’re looking to add a few bespoke features to any of our standard packages we can create a tailored package to suit you. Our additional offerings include Registered office, live telephone answering, scanning facilities, boardroom club, text alerts and fax to email services.

Getting started
All you need to do is choose from one of our great value virtual office packages, starting from at little as £15 per month, and you could be benefitting from one of the most reliable and cheapest virtual office packages in London.