10 ways Virtual Offices can lead to increased creativity and productivity

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Virtual offices like Hold Everything are becoming more and more popular especially among young start-up companies, as well as innovative and entrepreneurial businesses. The ability to operate with flexibly you can build a strong remote workforce and promote a happy working environment resulting in creative thinking and increased productivity

Here are our list of 10 ways a virtual office could help your business:

1.   Flexibility

Whether you are the big boss or a part time employee, having the flexibility to work from any place, at any time, encourages you to work to deadlines and use your time resourcefully.

2.   Freedom

Flexibility links directly to freedom. Whether this is freedom to travel, to work from home, or to manage a family – a virtual office solution is the perfect way to create a reputation for your company with a London business address without being tied down to an office, increasing job satisfaction for yourself and your employees.


woman working from home with a virtual office in london
Working from home with a virtual office in london

3.   Value for money

Owning an office (particular with a premium London address) comes at a huge financial cost. A Virtual office eliminates the need for a physical office, whilst retaining the benefits; including a registered business address, mail forwarding service and even a dedicated receptionist, but at a significantly cheaper cost. The money saved can be spent on motivating staff with excellent equipment as well as rewards and bonuses.

4.   Environment

Having the option of choosing your own working environment, whether it is your favourite cosy coffee shop or in the comfort of your own home, means you are in a setting which works for ‘you’. Everybody is different so a traditional office environment could be distracting and uninspiring to many members of staff. A comfortable setting allows increases performance, gets the creative juices going and works flexibly to the individual.

5.   Accessibility

An office environment narrows your staff in to a rigid regime with a ‘9-5 working day’ philosophy. Choosing a virtual office package promotes an accessible working culture where your company can operate at any time of day (24/7 if need be!) This is especially useful for parents who have to work around family commitments, as well as working with colleagues and clients in different time zones around the world.

6.     No commute

Commuting to and from an office wastes valuable working time and will inevitably be both stressful and tiring. With the commute time gone, you will can start work feeling fresh and energised leading to voluntarily longer working hours from employees. Without a commute in the evening this also allows everyone to spend more time with friends and family which will lead to a happier team.

7.   Wide pool for recruitment

When you are office based you a limited by location, demographic and personal set up for potential employees. The flexibility of a virtual office service allows you to open up your recruitment base to people living anywhere in the country, or even anywhere in the world. Having access to the crème de la crème of talented individuals will create a more productive, diverse and determined workforce.

8.     Dedicated receptionist

Many feel that a bonus of an office is having a receptionist who will create a profession front for your company as well as dealing with administrative duties. However you may not know that virtual office can provided a dedicated receptionist who will answer the phone in a professional manner on behalf of your company and sift out those unwanted sales calls. Business calls will then be reviewed and passed directly on to the correct person. This gives your company valuable credibility but also avoids unwanted disruptions in your productive day.

9.     Meeting room service

For those times where you need to have a physical meeting with a client, Hold Everything offers a flexible meeting room service, allowing you to take over our professional boardroom within our office space on Regent Street in Central London. Whilst not being tied in anyway to a physical office, the boardroom is a great utility to use at your disposal, great for creative brainstorming or professional business meetings.

10. Happiness = Productiveness

The flexibility of location and freedom from formal structure gained from virtual office will result in a much happier and upbeat working team. A recent study from the University of Warwick has shown that happiness made people around 12% more productive in their working life*. Choosing a virtual office solution for your company will lead to increased morale letting your creativity and productivity increase exponentially.


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* http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/soc/economics/staff/eproto/workingpapers/happinessproductivity.pdf