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Why The Decline In Work From Home Should Not Concern You.

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I read a fascinating article in the Spectator today that seems to be calling an end to the work from home (#WFH) that has been part of the COVID tapestry.The article looks at the rapid decline of companies such as Peloton and Netflix over recent weeks and argues that we are witnessing a return to the ‘old normal’ in our workplaces.

It isn’t challenging to understand what’s happening. During the pandemic, it seems that people are beginning to enjoy going out and about again. Companies are demanding that their staff return to work. The restaurants, clubs, and gyms remain open. The travel industry is opening up again. Meanwhile, the people who believe that we must continue to practice social distancing are retreating. Political leaders are becoming bolder about opening up economies.

This background buzz does not affect our primary client base at Hold Everything. They work from home because ‘home’ is where they work! They have already decided that the freelance or small business route is best for them.
So, if you are thinking about getting back on your Peloton Bike and working out of your spare bedroom as a long-term venture, let me give you some tips to get started.

work from home

Start small when you work from home

It would be best to start small because the bigger you are, the harder it will be to manage the entire system. If you want to start with some online business, you can begin with one task. You don’t have to go for any big project. You can start with something easy.

Choose a reliable internet service provider.

If you want to start your business from home, you must have an internet connection to connect your device. If you are using dial-up (you dinosaur), then I suggest you use the fastest broadband connection you can find.
Make your home a business centre.
Make your house a business centre where you can work from home. It doesn’t mean that you need to create separate rooms for your work. But if you are planning to work from home, you need to make sure that your place is clean and tidy.

Invest in the hardware when you work from home

You need to make use of some hardware to make your work easier. For example, you can need a printer to print your documents and an ergonomic office chair to sit on.
If you are working at home, you should ensure that your office is well-lit. You need to have a desk lamp or two to see what you are doing. If you are working in the dark, it will be tough to concentrate.

If you have a laptop, it is vital to have a suitable keyboard. This is because a good keyboard makes typing faster. If you use a computer, you need to make sure that your laptop is comfortable to type on. When you are typing, you need to use the correct ergonomics. If you are using a computer for a long time, you need to rest your wrists every 30 minutes or so. Finally, you need to make sure that you are not staring at the monitor all the time.


If you are thinking about starting a home-based business, I suggest you make it as small as possible. Please don’t go for a big project because it will be challenging to manage. Start small and slow so that you can gain success in future. Remember that our team here at Hold Everything will supply you with the business framework you need with a prestigious office address either in Regent Street or Leafy Wimbledon. We will make sure your phone calls are answered professionally, and your mail is delivered promptly.

We make working from home an enjoyable experience.