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Going Freelance in 2022? Why Companies and Workers are Enjoying the Freelance Work Model.

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In recent years, there’s been a growing trend in the UK and American workforces toward freelance work or working independently from a company or boss. Companies like WeWork, Upwork, and Freelancer have made it easier to find freelancers, and more people are choosing to work as independent contractors.

Freelancing has many benefits for both parties, but some are less obvious than others. It can be challenging to start off working as a freelancer because you have to learn the ins and outs of setting your own schedule, negotiating your hourly rate, and creating a professional website. For businesses, it’s important to know how freelancers work and whether they’re trustworthy.

For those who already freelance on the side, they might be wondering what companies they could work with that have flexible hours or where they can get paid for their time. It’s important to find the right freelance job for you before you start, and here are a few places you can find that kind of work:

Freelancing platforms have been one of the driving forces in the gig economy. The shift toward a more freelance-based job market was a defining trend when the pandemic hit. As many companies started laying off more and more employees, people also had more time on their hands to figure out new ways to make money. Some were able to take on two or even three jobs at once, thanks to their flexible hours.

Nowadays, most of us accept these kinds of employment opportunities as the norm: freelancers are everywhere you turn from Uber or Lyft drivers to health care workers and even veterinarians who are able to work from home and complete work with pet owners who prefer staying at home themselves during business hours instead of taking their pets off-site for routine care or outright emergencies.

If you are seriously considering the freelance path in 2022  there are some key things you should consider to decide if freelancing is right for you.

Freelancing can be stressful, especially if you’re not good at handling stress. So if you’re planning to be a freelancer, here are some tips to help you keep your cool.

2. Learn to control your anxiety by learning about yourself and accepting what you do and don’t like about yourself.

3. Always have the right attitude when working with clients – they pay the bills so you have to treat them well.

4. Get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

5. Learn how to deal with difficult clients.

6. You need to maintain a healthy relationship with your family, friends and your community.

7. You can never stop learning new things.

8. You should always set goals.

9. It is important to have fun, especially when you’re freelancing.

10. You need to be flexible when it comes to time.

11. You have to make money from your passion.

freelance work

Some types of work lend themselves more easily to freelancing.  The following sectors are trending right now and if they fit your skill sets then it might be a great time to empty your office desk and make space in your spare bedroom.

1. Computer & IT

Computer and IT jobs can include everything from computer repair to designing internet security systems. These fields consist of many different types of jobs, such as programming and design roles, along with quality assurance and technical support roles.

2. Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance careers deal specifically with the need to process important financial data, organize records and prepare tax returns on behalf of clients. These lines of work also cover the act of helping clients with accounting records, accounts payable – which often has to do with making payments – and accounts receivable – which involves tracking debts.

3. Project Management

Project managers are cogs in a wheel and they help the wheel move smoothly. They work with every team member to ensure that no stone is left unturned, something bugs aren’t overlooked, and all assigned roles are getting done. Naturally, as project managers, they also manage budgets, schedules and meetings (to be more specific, meetings that are project-related). The project manager also helps management keep on top of what’s going on at any given moment within their team or department.

4. Writing & Editing

In the writing and editing fields, employees may develop original content, update older content and re-evaluate the validity of their thoughts on ideas and plans through input from advisors or the opinions of others prior to final publication. Writers and editors may work for online or print publications in a variety of industries.

5. Education & Training

Educators and trainers are a lot like educators. Educators design, develop, and assign their lessons to help people learn about the specific material that educators have mastery of. Educators also evaluate students’ knowledge by testing or otherwise grading student knowledge completely surrounding the topic(s) they’re teaching in their lessons.

6. Bookkeeping

Similar to accountants, bookkeepers are essential in our everyday lives. Accountants sound like they’re really important and stuff but really they just sit at home and doodle on their taxes… It’s all the bookkeeper’s hard work that allows accountants to spend their days clawing their eyes out with blunt ivory letter openers or whatever it is they do! What I’m trying to say is that bookkeepers are wayyyy cooler than accountants because they get to take care of those amazing spreadsheets which give us so much good information about how successful we are as a company.

The freelance model isn’t for everyone, but for those who enjoy the freedom and flexibility it offers, freelancing represents an ideal job opportunity. The typical freelance arrangement is a great way to maximize income in times of economic uncertainty or extended unemployment. And as you can see, there are plenty of freelance jobs for professionals in various career fields, expanding your job search options and improving your prospects of finding the right role for you.  If you do decide to take the path to freelance work in 2022 you can relax knowing that the team at Hold Everything are there to support you in your journey, giving you the prestigious address your business needs and the smooth handling of your business mail and phone messages.   You can choose between our Regent Street hub or our new virtual office facility in leafy Wimbledon.