Why the shift away from traditional offices?

More businesses are looking at alternatives to the traditional office, with many businesses opting for the virtual office set up. But why is there a shift in what businesses think is the right environment for their work?

The initial reason is cost. Renting office space is very costly, especially in Central London. Businesses are always looking at ways to reduce costs and it seems like everyone is cutting costs as the economy grows gloomier.

But cost isn’t the only reason; some businesses are starting to see the traditional office as an outdated idea. In a world of 24megabyte download speeds, free Wi-Fi access and a computer to every home, we are adopting new ways of doing things. If we can set up a virtual office from our own home, then why spend company money on renting an office and all the bills that go with it? Why commute to an office every day, if we can have an office online?

Virtual Offices are convenient, flexible and affordable alternatives to the traditional office, if you are interested in a virtual office for your business, contact Hold Everything.