Benefitting from a Registered Company Address with Virtual Office in 2021

We offer virtual office solutions for businesses who require a registered company address but want to do so without the costs associated with acquiring a premium office space, or the negative associations that can be driven from using your personal home address as the face for your business.

registered company address


Companies House and HMRC advise by law that all UK companies should have a registered office address for all formal correspondence, as well and being displayed on your business stationery, website and for general public record. To qualify as a registered address, businesses must choose a physical location in the UK with a full postal address rather than simply using a PO Box.


So why choose virtual office as a registered company address?


Virtual office complies with all the key requirements, allowing you to use a prestigious address as your registered company address even if you are not permanently based within the building. Our Hold Everything offices are located in central London on Regent Street with a distinguished SW1 postcode. Choosing an address in a respected location provides you with a registered address that current and prospective clients will admire. This helps to ensure you create the perception of an established and confident business, which can help small companies and start-ups gain a strong reputation from day one.


Using virtual office for your registered company address mail


You can utilise your virtual office registered company address to receive all your company mail using our mail forwarding service to allow incoming mail to be filtered and directed on to your specific requirements as frequently as you wish. Our service is private and confidential and is ideal for business owners who run a company from their home address and do not wish to assign their personal family address to the business. It will also benefit companies whose employees are spread around the country allowing mail to be directed to multiple addresses.


Added extras…


In addition, a virtual office solution has a number of other benefits to make the most off. One additional feature is the provision of a London telephone number which links to a telephone answering service. Through this number you will have a dedicated virtual receptionist who will answer the phone in the name of your company and either pass on calls directly or take messages from your clients. This continues to paint a professional picture for your business, which is essential when aiming to portray your services as both reliable and trustworthy.


One concern for those considering virtual offices is worrying what clients will think if they discover you are not permanently based at your registered company address. However choosing a virtual office solution is actually perceived in a very positive way, showing you to be business savvy, contemporary and organised. Clients will respect your forward-thinking approach, plus virtual office is becoming more and more common which means it is not an unusual or surprising discovery to many people.


Last but not least….

A virtual office provides a huge financial saving to those companies who do not have the necessary need for a physical office. Many businesses have staff that work remotely from different countries or time zones, and even for UK based staff, it is becoming more common to offer employees flexi-time hours and the option to work from home. These changes to the regular working environment can allow you to employ the best staff for each role and create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for employees. The savings on office space can be put towards equipment, staff incentives and of course back into the business.


A virtual office is a financially savvy and innovative business choice allowing you all the benefits of a prestigious registered company address with none of the high-cost implications.