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Avoid the Olympic traffic with a London Virtual Office

As the London Olympics draws closer, we can’t help thinking that traffic in the capital is going to be the busiest ever.
Many office workers in London have been told to expect a transport nightmare during the event and TFL have already released a “get ahead of the games” travel pack, offering transport advice to the millions of people that will be affected.

We believe the best way for office workers to get around the travel chaos is to take advantage of some of the virtual office services available during the Olympics. Existing regular offices can take full advantage of services like mail forwarding and telephone answering as they would allow employees to work from home, where they wouldn’t have to face the traffic hell. Not only will employees be able to start work earlier, they also won’t arrive to work recovering from the stress of battling the morning traffic

Are you going to be affected by the traffic chaos during the Olympics? Consider a virtual office in London from Hold Everything.

Which industries use virtual offices?

Virtual offices are more common than ever and many industries are using virtual office services to cut their costs and to improve & expand business.
We looked at some data from Choregus relating to virtual offices and we were surprised to see which industries are using virtual offices the most.
We were quite surprised when they reported that 40% of virtual office users were companies in the banking and finance sector. The banking and finance industry having a huge percentage of virtual office use. Other industries that had a big percentage of virtual office use included business services and consultancy that followed the finance sector with 16% and 14% of virtual office use respectively.
Another interesting statistic that was reported was that 57% of companies that use virtual office services use the full virtual office package that is offered.
Are you considering taking full advantage of virtual office services? Contact Hold Everything for more information. We hoped you liked this information and it gave you a little insight into virtual offices.