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The Virtual Office: a modern business trend.

Business trends come and go, but the significant growth in the virtual office industry shows that more and more businesses are enhancing their reputation with this new age concept. The success of a business depends largely on its ability to move with the times and for many modern businesses in today’s unstable economy this means embracing the virtual office trend.

The movement towards the use of virtual office services has emerged mainly due to the fact that a large amount of modern business now takes place via the internet and telephone, decreasing the need for a traditional office space. However a physical presence is sometimes still required, and can significantly help to ensure your business be perceived as a credible and respected organisation. Not only does a virtual office offer your business a prestigious address to differentiate you from competitors but also professional telephone answering services mean you will never miss a call.

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Cut Costs With a Virtual Office

Running an office consumes time and money. Not only do you have to spend your time and money managing support staff and maintenance staff, but you will also have costly bills to pay at the end of every month, including rent. If you really want to impress as a business without all the unnecessary costs and time that running an office consumes, consider a virtual office with a registered address. Not only is it a much cheaper alternative than running a physical office space but you can run your virtual office from anywhere, even your own home. With registered addresses available at world renowned business locations, you could find the perfect solution for your business.

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Tops tips for working in a virtual office

One of the problems with working from home, is that your home is not always a good working environment. There are many distractions and it can be easy to wake up late or watch a bit too much daytime television than you should. Hold Everything have 3 top tips for anyone looking to set up a virtual office or for anyone that already has one:

–          Designate a space to work – This space will click you into a working mindset. Your space should have the right light and have a good temperature to work in, as soon as it becomes uncomfortable you are more likely to leave your work for a bit.

–          Have some discipline – It’s too easy to do nothing when there is no one keeping an eye on your work. Make sure you don’t sign into Facebook & other social media sites, as this is always a distraction.

–          Make goals – Challenging yourself is key! Make goals for the day/week/month and push to get them, this way you will achieve more work and improve job satisfaction.

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30% Increase in Virtual Offices Since 2010

There has been a huge surge in the number of small businesses and entrepreneurs using virtual offices. Since 2010 there has been a 30% increase, with many opting for a prestigious Central London Business address.

Research, carried out the by the Executive Offices Group (EOG) showed that two thirds of the new virtual office customers were living outside of London.  Research also showed that the West End was the most popular location in London, with small businesses looking to gain a presence in the capital.

Virtual offices have grown significantly this year because of the opportunities they give to small and medium sized enterprises. With many affordable contracts, flexibility and cost savings, customers are committing to the virtual office.

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Who is a virtual office suitable for?

Virtual offices can be utilized by almost anyone, but not everyone will think it is the most suitable option for them. Virtual offices are most suitable for:
  • Mobile professionals,
  • Small businesses
  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Home based businesses
  • Overseas companies looking to set up in a new country
  • Businesses that are not based in a city centre but require space there
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