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Small business, Big impressions: Taking advantage of a virtual office address

As a small business, making a good impression can seem like a feat in itself. There is something about a start-up enterprise or a family run company that can put you on the back foot with potential customers, finding yourself judged and scrutinized before you can even say hello.

This judgement is quite ironic as over the years I have become accustomed to hearing realms of praise from high flying business men and women who are often describing the warm customer service, acute attention to detail and second-to-none product knowledge that they have experienced working with a small business.

The problem is, small businesses still make people nervous. There are usually less reviews to read, fewer big name case studies to take in and in general more ‘unknowns’ compared to the big names in the market. This makes it very hard for a small business to make a good impression from the start, despite the often superior service they may be able to deliver.

Being able to sway an individual to take a chance on your company is all about confidence. Confidence that you have the capability and experience to compete with the big players.

Choosing a virtual office address allows you to use a highly desirable business address for your company. All of our clients benefit from using a Regent Street address, and impressing potential clients with their prestigious W1 postcode in London. They are also able to make use of a personalised London telephone number where our dedicated telephone assistant will answer the phone in the name of their business and send on calls as they need.

These small features can make the world of difference to the perception of a small business, giving customers the confidence to find out more about what they can offer, and as we’ve found are often pleasantly surprised at the quality of service they receive.

Challenging the fears of Virtual Office…

Virtual office fears

“Virtual Office is great.”

Easily said… but are there any disadvantages to choosing Virtual Office? We’ve addressed the 5 concerns we most frequently encounter from those unsure of whether to choose Virtual Office…

  1. Will my employees be slackers?

It’s a common worry that home based employees will sit around in their comfy pyjamas watching daytime television. In reality a well-organised remote workforce are motivated with set goals and deadlines. Whilst you can allow them a more flexible work time, allowing those with families or in different time zones to join the team, you will still be able to have a level of control over their workflow as well as their schedule ensuring you keep on top of their progress.

What’s more, studies have shown that employees with flexible schedules are not only happier and less likely to quit, but also more productive. So the facts over rule the fears and mean that your business could actually be performing at a higher level by choosing a flexible Virtual Office package.


  1. Will my staff feel like part of a team?

Another related issue is whether your employees will feel isolated and lack that ‘team spirit’ that you get from a traditional office-based environment. Whilst this is a genuine concern of the past, the growth of social platforms and other methods of communication such as Skype and conference calls means that a remote base of employees can have a ‘virtual meet-up’ several times a day if need be.

This is a healthy part of a working community allowing colleagues to bounce ideas off each other and be creative. Regular communication also makes sure your employees understand the levels of command in the business and in turn feel accountable for their goals and tasks within their job.


  1. ‘Virtual Office’ sounds high-tech – Surely I won’t be able to afford it?

On the contrary! Virtual Office is a comparatively cheap way to run your business. You can have a registered London address promoting your prestigious address on Regent Street at a considerably lower cost to renting office space. An office can have extremely expensive running costs and especially so in a respectable area, not to mention the money you would spend on furniture and commuting.

The money you save could help pay for equipment and bonuses for staff helping to keep the team motivated, as well as going back in to business development.


  1. Won’t I look unprofessional using by home or mobile phone number?

At Hold Everything we offer a range of bespoke telephone answering services allowing you to impress clients with a Central London phone number and build on your credibility as a company.

In addition, a professional virtual assistant will filter through your business calls based on your individual requirements. This service means your business will never miss an important call, whilst also avoiding constant interruption by unwanted sales calls. We provide telephone answering services for businesses ranging from large multiple location enterprises, to sales based organisations with staff on the move, as well as for small independent businesses and sole traders.


  1. What if my clients find out? Will they feel cheated?

This is one of the major worries from business owners. However when it comes down to it Virtual Office is such a well recognised and common business asset in the working world, and choosing this option can actually suggests many positive qualities about you business skills and your company itself.

Using Virtual Office means you are at the forefront of modern working practice, it also shows you are financially savvy, and you are positioning your own company in the best possible place for success. So in reality clients tend to perceive those using Virtual Office in a positive rather than a negative way.


Plus Plus Plus +

In addition to all this you will get the benefit of a mail forwarding service for letters and parcels of all sizes. This can be used for all business as well as personal mail which will be forwarded on a daily or weekly basis depend on your requirements.

The Regent Street office also offers a prestigious boardroom within ‘your’ London office. This way you are able to hold any necessary meetings while holding up the foundation of your Central London presence.


So to finish the way we started – Virtual Office is great – and a can be a perfect solution for start-up, home-based and entrepreneurial businesses.

Our top 3 tips for managing a remote workforce

managing remote workforce in a virtual office

One of the key benefits of choosing a Virtual Office package is the sense of freedom and flexibility when it comes to building a team of employees within your business. A physical office can often limit your choice of staff as the most highly skilled and highly motivated candidates may not logistically be a good fit. You have to rely on individuals living in close proximity to your office location, with flexible circumstances allowing them to work in a physical office with fixed working hours.

Building a remote workforce has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years, with results showing staff working in these conditions are not only happier but more productive. The acceleration of Virtual Office, cloud computing and hosted desktops has expanded horizons for innovative, forward-thinking businesses wanting to make the most of modern technology. Virtual Office not only supports remote workforces but with the added bonuses of telephone answering and mail forwarding services it actively benefits those companies whose staff are based outside of a traditional office environment, making working from home or even in a different country easier than ever before.

Whilst all the tech is there to support a remote workforce it still needs efficiently managed to ensure your approach is effective and your team productive. So what can you do to successfully manage a remote workforce?


“Create a positive virtual workplace”

There is more to managing remote workers than giving them a laptop and flexible hours. A strong and efficient workforce need to feel appreciated and importantly not lose the feeling of being part of a team.

There are a number of ways to ensure you help create a successful environment for your virtual office employees, which will be beneficial to them and to your company. Here are our top 3 tips.


  1. Communication

It is essential to your relationship with a remote employee that you retain a good level of communication whether that is by phone, email or video conferencing. The way you choose to communicate should be appropriate to both your business and your individual employees. Just like in a physical office, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Take time to get to know your employees and once you understand how they work, ensure you establish a general routine when it comes to the manner and frequency of your communication. A good manager makes a conscious and consistent effort to reach out to remote workers, building a professional atmosphere within your virtual office environment.


  1. Technology

Having the right technology and tools at your fingertips ensures a virtual workspace runs smoothly and efficiently. This allows remote team members to feel connected and involved at all times.

Video conferencing platforms such as Skype and Webex encourage face-to-face meetings to take place in a virtual environment and is a great way to bring people together and strengthen them as a team.

Project management programs are another great tool for remote workers. Using apps such as Trello or Basecamp are just a few of the options which allow multiple team members to view progress and to contribute to an ongoing project.

With cloud storage and social communication channels forever widening, there are no excuses to ensuring the right tools are established for your remote employees to succeed.


  1. Trust and Accountability

A virtual office is more than just a virtual address – it becomes the whole business environment in which your employees work. With staff working from various locations, including their homes and often in different time zones, trust is essential.

Managing a remote workforce can be a daunting experience if you are new to it, as you have to create relationships with your employees where you can feel confident that they are completing the work they need to without being able to monitor them in an office environment.

A top tip for building trust is to ensure your employees have key goals and responsibilities, meaning they still have to hit deadlines and take accountability for their workload despite being unsupervised.

Not only does this focus employees, but puts your mind at ease that they are not sitting at home with their feet up, with studies actually showing that remote workers are more productive.


With a remote workforce in place you can take advantage of the key benefits of an affordable Virtual Office package including mail forwarding, telephone answering, boardroom hire and a prestigious registered company address on Regent Street.


Using our flexible meeting room space to your advantage

Meeting room hire central london regent street

Whilst Virtual Office is the perfect solution for companies working remotely and using the latest advances in technology to hold meetings, communicate with staff and undertake their own work from anywhere in the world, many businesses still appreciate the flexibility and security of being able to use a premium meeting room space as and when they require.


Our comprehensive meeting room services compromise of a comfortable, professional and well equipped boardroom, suitable for businesses to use for a range of services. We have highlighted three of the most popular reasons our clients choose to utilise our boardroom facilities:


  1. Client meetings

However rare face-to-face meetings are becoming, you will undoubtedly need or want to meet up with a client every now and then. When these occasions arise, you will likely feel that the wobbly table in your favourite coffee shop, or the self-made study in your back room don’t create the right atmosphere to match the company image you are looking to portray.

Our boardroom is situated on Regent Street in Central London allowing you to invite your clients to a prestigious location in the capital for your meetings, however big or small. If you choose to take advantage of one of our many Virtual Office packages, you can choose from a range of packages, which offer varying amounts of access to our meeting space. As our packages allow you to use this esteemed W1 postcode as your registered office address, it creates a seamless offering from where your company is set up, to where you mail is delivered (with a mail forwarding service to fit) as well as being a physical location for your client meetings.


  1. Presentations

In addition to a regular client catch up, you may find yourself in a position where you need to give a formal presentation, or pitch an important proposal, and therefore require a suitable environment to do so.

Our meeting rooms are set up with all the features and facilities needed to give a professional and hassle-free presentation. With a capacity for up 8 people, it is the perfect space to comfortably suit small groups. We offer unlimited access to Wireless Broadband Internet, an Overhead Projector and an A1 White Board Flipchart for you to utilise for your chosen presentation format.

Crucially, your environment can shape the way your presentation is perceived. From a comfy chair to a well-lit room, your colleagues and clients are more likely to engage with your presentation if they are impressed by the professionalism of their surroundings.


  1. Hot-desking

Our boardroom is not restricted to use for meetings, the desk space is perfect for providing you with the privacy you need to carry out your work whilst in Central London. As well as taking advantage of one of our Virtual Office solutions, you can also choose to hire the boardroom for full day or half day use, or even by the hour, which is ideal for hot-desking between meetings.

Meeting room hire central london regent street

Meeting room hire central london regent street

How to get started…

Our meeting room space can be hired on a flexible basis as and when you need it, meaning you have the option to use the space without the need to be tied in to a contract.

However, the best way to make the most of the boardroom is through one of our monthly Virtual Office packages which can include a mail forwarding and telephone answering service, as well as allocated use of the boardroom at extremely competitive rates.

Our packages have a set number of meeting room slots available for you to take advantage of on a monthly basis, whilst still being able to add on additional meeting days, or pay by the hour at your convenience.

Whatever your requirements, Hold Everything can offer you a flexible package to suit. See more here

The best value virtual office packages in London

offices in london

The flexible nature of a virtual office solution, gives you the opportunity to run your business from anywhere in the world and employ the most highly trained remote workforce. As a company you can gain all the benefits associated with your traditional office environment and do so for a fraction of the price.
So if you are sold on the idea of a virtual office the question is; How do you get your virtual foot in the door? And what is the ultimate package for your business?
Not only do we offer a range of packages to suit every individual business, but at Hold Everything we guarantee one of the cheapest virtual office packages solutions in London. In a ‘virtual’ nutshell here is a summary of our four main packages along with their key benefits – but remember, you can choose to select from our additional services to create your very own bespoke virtual office solution.

1. Simply Diverted Telephone
Our first package allows you to take advantage of using an allocated London 020 number for your business. You will be able to automatically set up telephone forwarding to any number of your choice, not only in the UK, but anywhere in the world. Plus, there are no hidden costs for line installation or rental, these are both included in the price.
This package is available for only £15 per month.

2. Simply Mail Hold
Our mail holding package provides your business with a prestigious Regent Street, London, W1 address to use for your company, with two individual names automatically included. Allowing you to use this address as your own lets existing and potential customers feel secure in the knowledge that your office is linked to a highly respected and central location in London.
With this package, Hold Everything will accept an unlimited amount of mail and packages on your behalf with no handling charges*. This is ideal for businesses who wish to collect their mail as and when suits, with no collection charges added on.
You can choose our mail hold package for only £15 per month.

3. Simply Mail Forwarding
As our most popular virtual office package, Simply Mail Forwarding offers all the benefits of our mail holding package, including a W1 postcode, unlimited receipt of mail and packages and no handling charges, with the additional mail forwarding service on top.
Our standard package allows your mail to be forwarded on a weekly basis to any chosen UK location, as well as having the option to collect mail instead when it best suits you.
With a starting cost of £20 per month, we offer the cheapest virtual office mail forwarding package in the London area.

4. Overseas Mail Forwarding
Our final package is ideal for overseas clients wanting a UK base for their company. If you are looking to branch in to the UK from another country, then having a well known and respected location like Regent Street, London, is even more vital to your reputation.
Our Overseas Mail Forwarding package does exactly what it says on the tin, redirecting your mail to an international address of your choice on a weekly basis.
Our international package is all yours for just £25 per month.

Added extras…
If you’re looking to add a few bespoke features to any of our standard packages we can create a tailored package to suit you. Our additional offerings include Registered office, live telephone answering, scanning facilities, boardroom club, text alerts and fax to email services.

Getting started
All you need to do is choose from one of our great value virtual office packages, starting from at little as £15 per month, and you could be benefitting from one of the most reliable and cheapest virtual office packages in London.